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The 12 Houses of the Astrology
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An astrology chart consists of 12 Houses of Astrology. Houses are areas of the solar system. Each house is ruled by a Sun Sign and the energies, issues and associations of each house are related to the Sign traits. It is easy to connect the associations. Below you can find information about the 12 astrological houses and rulerships.

The fact that there are twelve houses in our astrological chart is truly symbolic. The houses in our chart are very important because they represent how our Sun Sign will manifest and express itself in the world.

The house placements are crucial in determining how and where our energies will manifest. Below, I will give a brief description of the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac.

Explanation of all 12 Houses of Astrology

In the 12 Houses of Astrology, the first house represents your identity, personality and physical appearance. It represents the way others see you. The first house is known as the ascendant or rising sign. The first house is ruled by the sign Aries and the energy of this house is intense and very powerful just like an Arian personality. Read more

The second house rules finances, money, possessions, property on a material level. On a deeper level, this house represents where we find self-worth and where we find our values and what is important to us. It is where we feel safe, comfortable and find stability in the world. The second house is ruled by sign Taurus and the energy of this house is stable, comfortable, and materially focused. Read more

The third house rules communication, speaking, writing and siblings. It represents short journeys and travels within the immediate environment. The third house is also known to encompass everything “basic” such as basic math, reading, language and information. Spreading information either through words or writing are the energies of this house. Read more

The fourth house rules the home and family. It is associated with the home, we grew up in as a child and the family we develop as an adult. The fourth house is where we find our emotional security. All issues relating to one’s family and home are encompassed within the fourth house. Read here

The fifth house energy is associated with being creative, expressing oneself and romance. In the fifth house kids, sports, entertainments and relationships are rules. Anything done for fun and as a way of expressing our creative urges comes under the fifth house. Read more

Health, Work and Routine are represented in the sixth house of energy. Working and serving others, health concerns, and routine service are all sixth house issues. Having a structured routine, service to others and focusing on our health or working within a healthcare system can be associated with this house. Read more

The seventh house rules marriage and partnerships. Our need for a mate, partner and companionship are crucial issues related to this house. Forming a commitment and a bond with someone is paramount. Read more

The Eighth House is associated with death, other people’s resources, inheritances and sexual bonding. All issues that are deep, intense and taboo are associated with this house. Energies of this house are very powerful and extremely regenerative. Numerous progressions and changes may show inside this house and consistent development is experienced. Ghost and soul are common in the experience with astral existence. Sacrificing one’s self or emotions for others or other people’s sacrifices for you are usually manifested. Read more

The Ninth house represents travel, higher education, religion, philosophy and morals. Long distant travel to foreign cultures is highlighted in this house. Interest in other cultures, beliefs and attitudes is significant. There is a desire to travel and a restless urge to keep moving. Pursuing knowledge in many forms such as higher education or advanced studies are associated with this house. Read more

The Tenth House is associated with the career and the public. All issues relating to work, career and being successful are related to this house. Where we find our place in the outside world and where we shine are all tenth house issues. This house is associated with status and achievement. Read more

The Eleventh house rules friendships, groups, and organizations. All casual friendships and group efforts are associated with this house. Serving others and working with others for a common goal are characteristic of this house energy. The friendships associated with this house are more superficial and casual. Read more

In the 12 Houses of Astrology, the Twelfth House is associated with secret relationship, secret love affairs, confinement, and escapism through drugs, alcohol or other self-destructive means. Superconscious experiences and mystical experiences are highlighted. Meditation and experiences with the psychic phenomenon are commonly found within this house. Working behind the scenes and serving others is the key to successful navigation of this house. This is the house of suffering and sacrifice. Read more

Conclusion: If we look throughout history and in many cultures, the number twelve is very important. In the Bible, we have the twelve tribes of Israel and Jacob had twelve sons whose traits are associated with the 12 Houses of Astrology & twelve signs of the Zodiac and Tarot. A more basic symbolism is that there are twelve months in a year.

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