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I like reading about healthy eating and I’ve written several articles on the topic, such as this and this, about vegetarian vs meat eating diet.

Now, if you are interested in eating healthy, you know-how confusing the discussions are.

Some people maintain a 100% raw vegan diet is the way to go because cooking destroys the precious nutrients. They also imply humans are the only animals who cook, so cooking is unnatural. But then, if we are talking about the original way of the Best Healthy Food Diet of Human, it’s hard to believe they were vegetarian — they certainly ate animals. (Chimpanzees eat small animals like lizards and eggs. Even gorillas, generally considered vegan, actually eat insects along with veggies.)

Some insist killing animals is plane cruel and wrong, and eating animals affects our spiritual health. Then others hit back pointing out the hypocritical nature of vegans.

I am in no position to judge, but I’d like to share what I think. Maybe you can find your takeaway from my thoughts and experiences.

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The Important of Best Healthy Food Diet

Important of Best Healthy Food Diet
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Have you ever considered food as important factor in your diet? Food plays important role in your diet. Your food determines your nutrition and your stamina. Food is source of energy instead of water and air.

How can you choose Suitable food for Diet?

Suitable food for Diet
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Healthy diet foods list can give you solution. You should be creative in determining your meal idea. Everyone is different. They need different nutrition and different proportion. Here are the examples of Best Healthy Food Diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Food List for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Food List for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
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When you have breakfast, you should consume enough energy to start your busy day. It’s recommended to eat few rice cakes with corrage cheese and sliced tomatoes as suggested in healthy diet foods. Ommelette with fresh vegetables is very delicious and healthy. Other recommendations for healthy breakfast are yeast-free bread and homemade oatmeal.

How about Best Healthy Food Diet for Lunch?

Best Healthy Food Diet for Lunch
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Lunch is identical with instant food since you just have limited time to eat your meal. You must continue working after you have lunch. Yeast-free bread with butter, chicken, turkey, or vegetables is good for your body. Simple pasta is recommended. Homemade hummus or baked potatoes are easy for lunch.

It is the last session of the menu. Here are some recommendations of Best Healthy Food Diet list for dinner. Pasta with lean meats or homemade tomato sauce is nice for dinner. Brown rice with vegetables and lean meats can help your diet. After having dinner, you can sleep for hours.

You can use this diet food list as reference. You can feel the difference after two weeks. It is recommended for those who want to lose weight in a few pounds. You should understand your need in order to determine what kind of food you should eat.

The proportion of food is also different since everyone has different need and metabolism. The food list is just recommendation for people to help the diet. It is not truly effective since the effect can be different based on your effort.

The reality check

In search of the Best Healthy Food Diet, I set aside my reading on nutritional theories and turned to what has worked in reality.

  • Find people who have been in Good Health for a very long time (not just recovering from disease, not just healthy and beautiful in their youthful years).
  • Find out what they have been eating.

The Okinawa Centenarians

Okinawa Centenarians
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Several areas in the world boast longevity. One is the southern islands of Japan, Okinawa. While some areas of the world still, don’t keep reliable third-party data of birth, Japan has been quite meticulous about it since the late 19th century, so I trust the Okinawa records. (You know, just because some old folks say they are 120 years old doesn’t mean they really are)

So how have the Okinawa elders been eating? (Notice my wording — I am not interested in how the Okinawans eat these days. How long an Okinawa man or woman in their teens, 20s, 30… even 50s will live is a mystery. They have adopted the westernized diet. I am interested in how the current age 100 or overpopulation in Okinawa have been eating.)

The Okinawa centenarians are typically not vegans nor vegetarians. They eat fish and even some pork — but not very often. A bit of background info: The Okinawa islands are far off from mainland Japan and there isn’t much land for farming… especially not for big-scale farming. People are poor (very few industries that bring cash — who wants to build a a manufacturing plant on a far off island?)

So they try to survive on foods they can get on their own, not from stores. They grow their own vegetables and they forage. (They are in the semi-tropical area, so vegetation is good.) They fish, and younger men dive to catch fish. They raise pigs with food scraps. (Pigs don’t require large pasture like cows.)

They eat brown rice (refinement is waste) and lots of Japanese sweet potatoes. (They are right in the course of typhoons, so crops that grow on the ground, like rice, is always at the risk of getting hit before harvest. In the old days, sweet potato was the mainstay of their diet.)

Tofu is a critical protein source. My friend told me her mother made tofu at home with the homegrown souse and natural nigari from the ocean. (Nigari is seawater minus water and sodium chloride. In other words, it’s a byproduct of sea salt production.)

Sweet potatoes, brown rice, wild greens, vegetables, sea vegetables, tofu and occasional fish and pork. Local and, even though the regulation of organic produce was not set back then, practically all produce was organic. Mostly plant-based, but not exclusive of animal products. Minimal refinement.

And remember a whole lot of manual labours involved to get and prepare the foods. Many Okinawa elders remain active, working in the field.

My thoughts on eating animals

My thoughts on eating animals
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The Okinawans don’t see killing their pigs as sinful. They raise their own pigs, take good care of them daily, and when the time comes, they gather, offer a prayer, and slaughter it. Then they divide the meat among friends and family. They eat “everything but the hoof” so that no part would be wasted. That is how they show their respect for the animal that made the ultimate sacrifice to sustain their lives.

I don’t have the guts to do the bloody work to put down an animal, but I understand their sentiment. I think many vegans are a bit discriminative as if they can stay in their clean holy land if they don’t consume animals.

The truth is life circulates in this world. On the physical level, nutrients circulate. Even if you only eat vegetables, those vegetables need nitrogen, which is typically fed with animal products like chicken manure. (And you don’t think those chickens are kept solely for the poop, right? They are kept for eggs or meat.)

Accepting this truth and showing respect to ALL lives, plants and animals are very spiritual.

By the way, this may sound bizarre to you, but when I die, I’d like my cremation to be scattered on the Pacific Ocean. In my life, I’ve eaten quite a lot of fish, and it comforts me to think that my little remains feed the fish, thus completing the circle of nutrition.

And yet I stay away from meat

Having said this, I’d like to stay away from eating meat. Because whenever I try eating meat, even organically raised chicken, I feel the pain and discomfort of the dead animal. I feel so sensitive.

It’s not about moral. It’s about my personal energetic comfort.

I do eat some eggs. I guess I am still experimenting on the quantity and quality of protein that best feeds me. So far, I just don’t feel stable when I go too long on a vegan diet.

My Thoughts on a Raw Food Diet

My Thoughts on a Raw Food Diet
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Even though some nutrients are destroyed with the heat, I think eating some cooked foods is good for me. For one, it balances the yin and yang. If I were living like the original humans, in the sunny African continent and spending the majority of my time hunting or foraging (physical activities), then supplementing yang with cooking heat may be unnecessary. But I don’t live like that. Cooking may be one way humans have adapted to live in the northern climate.

Being attached to 100% raw also has something to do with another aspect of food discrimination. This podcast by long-time raw food advocate Dhrumil is very indicative of this. (The linked podcast is long, but it’s worth it.)

And as they wisely point out, not all “cooked” foods are created equal. I believe the Okinawans cook very simply. (They don’t waste fuel.)

Also, I found out that many raw food enthusiasts were eating very badly before, like a doughnut and coffee for breakfast, hamburger and fries for lunch, and pizza for dinner. So when they turn to raw foods and their health improves, is it the power of raw? Or is it the power of taking more fresh vegetables and fewer toxins such as refined carbs, sugar, and overheated fat (not to mention the various additives and synthetic flavorings)?

Further, another point Dhrumil makes, just because someone says they eat 100% raw doesn’t mean they do. Especially online. And those who do don’t tell the whole story — how much struggle they go through with that way of eating. Here is a rare piece that explains it. Matt Monarch’s book, “Raw Spirit” also tells his interesting story of food cravings after he turned raw.

Raw food is great. I think Okinawans have been eating a lot of raw greens. But I don’t think I need to be 100% raw. I like my germinated and cooked lentils, brown rice, and quinoa.

Diet is only part of the deal

Diet is only part of the deal
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To conclude, I want to emphasize Best Healthy Food Diet is only part of the deal for health and longevity. Other factors include:

  • Physical activities
  • Environment
  • Stress level and its management
  • Rest, especially the quality and quantity of sleep
  • Sexuality
  • Family and social life
  • Sense of worth and meaning
  • Spirituality

The key to a healthy diet is lots of fruit and vegetable in a myriad of colors

A healthy diet contains a variety of foods, and does not necessarily have to follow a specific plan. The key to a healthy diet is lots of fruit and vegetable, in a myriad of colors. By including many colors one takes advantage of the many types of anti-oxidents that can prevent cancer and lead to a long and healthy life.

Don’t rely on fad diets for weight loss, if you are worried about your long term health. Only a lifestyle change embracing healthy eating can lead to an overall healthy life.

One thing to remember is that a traditional “diet” usually reduces the number of foods you may eat, and in the long term this type of diet is anything but healthy. You will also want to include foods that have protein and carbohydrates to balance your diet. You do not necessarily need to include meat, but the protein from meat is easy to absorb, and does not need to be eaten in large quantities.

Positive body image invoves loving your own body

There’s nothing more important to your body than eating healthy and balanced meals. However, having positive body image is the basics for eating healthy.

If you are constantly worrying about your body image, it’d difficult to eat balanced and nutritious foods.

You have to love your body inside and out. It doesn’t matter how much you weight and what kind of shape your body is. You can’t change your body shape to fit the perfect images in the media.

With a positive or healthy body image, you will have a real perception of your size and shape. You can also feel comfortable with your body. Many young girls and women have negative body image, thus resulting a distorted perception of their shapes and sizes. If you constantly compare your own body to others, you would start feeling shame and anxiety about your body.

Being discontent with your body can influence how you contemplate yourself as an individual. Often a poor body image can lead to emotional distress, low self-esteem, unhealthy dieting habits, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Developing a positive body image and a healthy mental attitude is crucial to your happiness and wellness.

Best Ways To Know If Your Nutrition Plan Is Working

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Many of us even once in our lives decide to start leading a healthy lifestyle and focus on exercising and a better nutrition plan. The results of these actions we believe should be found on the scale but we are very much wrong.

That things is the actual reason why we suddenly become unfocused and disappointed. Yet, all of us should be more aware on other better indicators of what we are doing then the number of our weight.

In order for you to stay focused and feel great about what you are doing then you need to keep track on your progress and there are the indicators that you are doing something right:

1. You are feeling more energized

A great nutrition plan can make you forget all the timer you have feel exhausted and couldn’t get up from your bed in the morning. All of that exhaustion is the result of eating too much junk and processed food.

Or it is a result of you not consuming enough vitamins and minerals.
Yet if you are eating well and taking care of your health you will feel energized and ready to conquer the world.

You will wake up before your alarm even goes off. You will make time to play with your kids and be more interested in doing new stuff.

2. Your meals will feel satisfying

You will once and for all stop feeling hungry and empty all the time. If you stop consuming all that junk and processed food you will experience great benefits.

With better nutrition plan you will at first start eating slowly. You will choose fruit and vegetables rather than snacks and you will want fresh food not conserved.

Such food will make you feel pleasant and satisfied, it will even make you feel healthy.

3. You will start sleeping better

You will feel forever thankful to your new balanced nutrition plan because you will start sleeping better and forget the insomnia once and for all.

Exercise can help a lot in this process too. Your new eating plan can also make you avoid alcohol and too much caffeine so you will experience the benefits very quickly.

So thanks to your new full-charged energy you will start doing more and feeling more so at the end of the day you will fall asleep very easy and quickly and feel like a baby. Of course, a good sleep is an essential for the overall health.

4. You will start feeling your clothes are loose

Before starting this process you need to understand that with great nutrition plan and exercising your weight number can even increase because the weight of the lean muscle is bigger than the fat.

So you need to remember that the scale is not your mirror or your results.

The most important things is how you feel and eventually you will start getting fitter and you will notice it on all your clothes and in your reflection in the mirror.

My Cleanse Diet about Best Healthy Food Diet

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What’s your Food Philosophy?

My food philosophy is simple: find what works best for YOUR body, and then fall in love with that lifestyle. What works best for my body is a whole food, plant-based diet.

I have the most energy, I feel the lightest and healthiest when I eat that way. I believe in everything in moderation – eat what you love, don’t deprive yourself! I get my greens in all day long so I deserve some dessert at the end of the day, whether that be raw chocolate or fruit with some raw honey and almond butter.

I am also very active, which I think is a key component to leading a healthy lifestyle.

5 Tips for Health, Fitness and just Living a Great Life?

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  1. Drink lots and lots of water! It keeps your skin hydrated and flushes everything out of your system to keep from bloating.
  2. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Yoga, running, swimming, biking, walking, taking the stairs whenever possible, etc. Just move J
  3. Green juices!!! The power of the greens will keep you healthy, glowing and radiant.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. FORGIVE, be happy, and know that you deserve peace above all else.
  5. Smile. If you have a genuine smile on your face, you are flawlessly beautiful.

What exactly is a cleanse? Is it the same thing as a detox? And why does one need it?

A cleanse is essentially the same thing as a detox. Cleanses are good for us because our body and our digestive systems need a rest once in a while.

What can people expect (as in results like less bloating for example etc.) from your cleanse?

People who participate in the cleanse can expect detoxification, shedding unwanted pounds, feeling light and awesome, becoming more aware of the foods they are putting into their body and how food makes them feel, and the reward of challenging themselves in a healthy way.

What’s your number one advice for someone following your Cleanse Diet?

Pay attention to your body! If you are hungry, grab a piece of fruit to snack on. This Cleanse Diet is not about starving. It’s about making sustainable lifestyle changes and forming a positive relationship to food.

What’s your favourite recipe in your Cleanse Diet?

I have two. The Naked Smoothie and the Butternut Squash Apple Soup (Jordan was kind enough to share the recipe forthe Butternut Squash Apple Soup, with us so make sure you keep on scrolling)! I also love the Strawberry Fields smoothie. I’m such a smoothie addict.

How is your Cleanse Diet set up? (As in 3 meals a day or no food?)

1. Smoothie for breakfast, 2. Juices throughout the day as snacks, a solid food meal for lunch that is either a salad or a soup with nuts/seeds, and a solid food meal for dinner that is either roasted veggies or a soup with nuts/seeds. You can also eat as many fruits, veggies and nuts as you’d like whenever you get hungry, so you do not have to stick strictly to the meals provided.

Conclusion: The healthiest diet is also personal. Because you are a unique combination of these (and more) factors. So when you read about Healthy Food Diet, eating, experiment, listen to your body and take what works for YOU.

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