Recently, one can often hear about consciousness expansion, but not everyone is able to explain what it is. This is what this article is for – here the concept of consciousness, as well as its forms and types, will be described in detail.

Naturally, most attention will be paid to this type, as consciousness expansion. You will learn not only what it is, but also by what methods it is achieved, as well as what levels it has.

But first, it is worthwhile to deal with consciousness itself and its basic types.

What is Consciousness?

Before considering in detail the consciousness expansion, it is necessary to understand in general what ordinary consciousness is. All people use this word, but if you think about what it really means, then few can give a clear answer.

The fact is that there is no clear answer – in general, human consciousness can be described as a structure through which a person is able to control his actions. Thus, if you lose consciousness, that is, you faint, then you immediately lose control over your body.

When you do something unconsciously, or on a subconscious level, then you do not need to control these actions.

You breathe in and out air without constant control of these actions, that is, you do it on a subconscious level – therefore, when a person loses consciousness, he does not die, since there are processes, which do not require the involvement of consciousness itself.

So now you have an idea of ​​what normal human consciousness is. But before studying consciousness expansion, it is necessary to linger a little at the basic level in order to get a broader idea of ​​what state you can be in every day – this is very important for further understanding the intricacies of the transition to consciousness expansion.

Sleeping Consciousness

There is no point in describing normal consciousness since every person can imagine it. You are in such a state of consciousness when everything around you and within you is in order, without any major changes.

But what does sleeping consciousness mean, for example? No, this is not the state in which consciousness is when your body is resting during sleep.

Although we can safely say that it is the most approximate. The fact is that sleeping consciousness is observed in those people who are overworked physically and psychologically.

They can do various things, talk, but most often this happens almost unconsciously, that is, there is no direct connection between actions and emotions.

Everyone knows the feeling when you return home after a hard day, fall on your bed – and the next day you don’t remember how you got home at all.

Consciousness Flying Away

This type of consciousness is very close to the previous one; in fact, it is a harbinger of a sleeping person. When your mind switches to flying away mode, you should consider resting.

It is characterized by a loss of the ability to concentrate. Your body’s resources are not yet exhausted, but often the thoughts you want to focus on eluding you.

Leaping Consciousness

This type is typical for mentally unstable people, as well as for those who are in serious nervous tension. In this state, your attention cannot stop on one thing and constantly switches from one object to another, thereby interfering with your normal functioning.

Consciousness is Bright

This example of consciousness is already much more familiar to all people. Many believe that it is precisely this that is close to the expanded, but in reality, it is not so.

A bright consciousness is characterized by a heightened perception of what is happening around. It is caused by any strong feelings, both positive and negative. For most people, it returns to normal quite quickly when the euphoric state passes.

Consciousness is Calm

If you are interested in an expanded state of consciousness, then you should pay attention to this particular point. The fact is that this particular type is the closest to the extended one – this is a kind of path to your goal.

To comprehend consciousness expansion, you need to learn how to gain a calm consciousness in any situation. This type is typical for a person who is rested, full of energy but is not in a hurry to spend it, is not distracted by some details, does not try to do several things at once.

In this state, you are able to calmly and without haste think about yourself, your life, your environment, assess the situation, and so on. It is after this that one can try to comprehend the expanded state of consciousness.

What is Consciousness Expansion

Consciousness Expansion
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However, what does it mean to expand consciousness, thinking? How can this be achieved? The methods should be left for later – they will be described in more detail later.

Now it is worth concentrating on understanding what consciousness expansion is. So, you already know what a calm consciousness is – and now imagine that you rise above yourself and can look at yourself from the outside.

Generally speaking, this is precisely the expanded state of consciousness. You can not only calmly assess the situation, but you can also do this by looking at it from the outside, as if not in your body – this way you will be able to learn much more than if you are just trying to assess something in a calm state of consciousness.

It is believed that it is one of the highest states of consciousness, for which everyone should strive. But you shouldn’t think to imagine yourself outside your body – and you immediately know the consciousness expansion.

To learn how to acquire it, you will need years, if not decades, of training. This is a very difficult process that is not given to everyone.

Therefore, do not be discouraged if you do not immediately manage to enter the consciousness expansion – it is good if you can do it in a few years. In this case, do not rush – otherwise you will not even be able to gain a calm consciousness, let alone an expanded one.

The First Technique

What is mind-expanding practice? It is this question that people who want to comprehend this state ask themselves.

In fact, there are several methods. This article will talk about the most famous, popular, and most effective methods. And the first of these is turning off emotions.

The fact is that it is emotions that load human consciousness very strongly, redirecting it to those topics that should not concern it. A person is happy, upset, frightened, and so on.

And all this is due to emotions that do not allow you to find harmony with your inner world and look at the situation from the outside.

How To Achieve Consciousness Expansion

You will not be able to achieve an expansion of consciousness if you are distracted by various emotions, so if you are interested in how to expand a person’s consciousness, then the first thing you have to do is learn to turn off your emotions.


Another method that you definitely need to master is body harmonization. What does it mean? The fact is that your body is constantly making any small or even large movements.

A slight turn of the head, a look to the side, a raise of the hand. All of these actions are due to the fact that your brain has given order through the nervous system.

Naturally, all these actions require concentration, attention, and resources from him.

And all of this is loading your consciousness, so you can not hope to find peace until you can take control of it all.

Your goal is to establish a temporary harmony in your entire body so that your brain does not have to be distracted by any commands.

All processes that should take place in your body will be subconscious, and your consciousness will be clean of all unnecessary actions.

Experienced professionals can achieve this state on their own and quite quickly, but if you are just starting to practice, then, for example, mind-expanding music can help you. It harmonizes the vibrations of your body, thus making your task easier.


What other ways are there to expand consciousness? If you really want to be successful at this, then you should definitely learn what a mantra is.

A mantra is a special text that may or may not have a specific meaning. The essence of this text is to be repeated constantly. Why is this done? Quite simply, when you recite a mantra, you fill your consciousness with only one piece of information.

When this happens, your consciousness is no longer able to perceive other signals that are sent to it both by the surrounding world and directly by the body itself.

The result is a kind of blockage of consciousness, which will allow you to achieve its expansion. As you can see, you can expand your consciousness in different ways, but it is best to use the whole complex, due to which the probability of success will significantly increase.

Level of Consciousness Expansion

The First Level of Consciousness Expansion

If you’ve watched a mind-expanding movie, then you’ve probably heard that there are levels of such consciousness.

This is really so – many experts identify three levels of consciousness expansion, each of which must be comprehended in order to rise one more step up. So the first level is not very different from the usual standard consciousness.

However, the differences are already quite noticeable, so it is unlikely that you will be able to enter a similar state and not pay attention to it. How do you know this state of consciousness?

The fact is that in a standard state, a person perceives the world as it is. This means that for him a house is a house, a tree is a tree, and a table is a table. Nothing fancy, everything is pretty standard.

If you were able to achieve a state of consciousness expansion, then everything in the world begins to become not static, but dynamic. So the table for you ceases to be just a table, it turns into a part of an interconnected constantly changing system.

The Second Level of Consciousness Expansion

When you can fully comprehend the first level of consciousness expansion, there will also be a second level ahead. What is he like? In fact, this is about the same as the first level.

Only this time your consciousness ceases to be an “observer”. If at the first level you just watched how objects are intertwined with each other in interconnection, how everything becomes dynamic, then at the second level your consciousness also becomes part of all these interweavings.

And as a result, it remains to comprehend only one, the highest level of consciousness expansion.

The Third Level of Consciousness Expansion

What awaits you on the third level? As you already understood, this is the last, highest level, to which absolutely everyone strives, but only a few are able to reach it.

Your consciousness is still a part of everything that happens around, it is still part of the overall network, but at the same time, it raises a step higher and gains control over what is happening.

This is exactly what was discussed initially – when you reach such a stage, you are able to assess the situation as a whole, to be imbued with it, to understand the essence of everything that is happening.

Simply put, your consciousness simultaneously remains your consciousness and becomes something higher, governing everything around.

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Expanding your consciousness means consciously paving the way from your 3D consciousness, which governs your daily life, to an expanded fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Yes Yes. At the moment of expansion of consciousness in the brain, a toggle switch is triggered, switching 3D to 5D.

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