Enlightenment Meaning

Enlightenment Meaning has become a fuzzy word, so for the purpose of this article, let’s define it as the realization of Oneness. Not the knowledge nor mid-level understanding that “yes, we are all One; isn’t this wonderful” but the realization based on direct experiences. When you are enlightened, you know it as clearly, solidly, and directly as you know your heart is beating. There is no doubt, no room for discussion, period.

So you want to be enlightened?

If you are still in the illusion of separation, enlightenment (again, meaning this realization of Oneness), especially the first glimpse of it, can be wonderful. You’ve been looking for ways to come home and suddenly you realize you are already home. No more struggles to find your way.

However, the truth is enlightenment is not the end. If it is, we didn’t need to bother to be incarnated at all. As I explained in this article of who we are, we started as the one being.

What would be a good analogy? It’s like making jigsaw puzzle from a picture. If appreciating the beauty of the picture is your purpose, you wouldn’t want to break it up to puzzle pieces. You already have the complete picture. Yet some people actually like to make puzzles — because they want to play with puzzles. It’s fun.

When you have this genuine illumination? Opportunity! You understand not many things assuming any, matters and you can be completely yourself.

Truth is in ambiguity

So Enlightenment Meaning  is only half the truth. For example, Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” is a great book. I agree with everything in it. But it’s only half the truth.

The other half is about our individuality.

We will, in general, think “On the off chance that one is valid, the other isn’t right”. Well, in this case, both of these statements are true in its full meanings;

  • We are all One.
  • We are individuals.

This may be hard to grasp because we are so conditioned in the monic thinking. Take your time to get used to this perspective.

Because otherwise, you could be stuck in enlightenment.

What comes After Enlightenment Meaning

Many so-called people who ingaged in Spirituality are stuck in enlightenment. After they see the Oneness, they cannot make sense of their life as it unfolds on this Earth.

Surely, we are better off by dropping certain ideas. So if you find yourself not caring about worldly achievements or how you might appear in others’ eyes, great. It may take some changes in how you steer your life and you may feel disoriented for a while, but that’s just usual with major changes.

This kind of change is common after enlightenment and not what I mean by being “stuck”.

What I mean by being “stuck in enlightenment” is ignoring the meaning of why we are incarnated with physical bodies, with different interests, likes, etc.

The nature of life

By definition, being in this physical world means we choose one over the other. Whereas you have both male and female energies as a spirit, physically you are either a man or a woman. Whereas you could be anywhere and everywhere as a spirit, physically you are either here or elsewhere.

As a spirit, you already know Oneness and you can experience everything that ever happened and ever will. You have every possible perspective. As a physical being, you experience one thing at a time from a fixed point of view.

Being physical is restricting but also fun. We choose one piece of the puzzle over the other.

Being fully here

After enlightenment, it is essential to learn to be fully here. To experience what is happening right here and now.

Learn to switch the modes. I have three modes: my individual existence mode, my psychic mode in which I choose specific perspective other than my own, and the Oneness mode.

You may have just two (without the psychic mode) or may have more that I don’t know yet. That’s okay. The point is to realize that all these modes are equally important and to be able to consciously switch the modes.

If you have prejudice, such as one favouring the Oneness mode, you miss the joy of this physical world. You also fail to exercise the power you potentially have. This undermines the purpose of this incarnation.

If you cannot switch modes consciously, you are at the mercy of whatever is happening around you or in the shared common consciousness. This is a super disempowering.

How much time to spend in each mode? This is up to you, but for most people, I recommend spending a sufficient amount of time in your personal mode, while spending enough time in the Oneness mode so you won’t forget it. (Here is another article about the two modes, the absolute and the relative, that you may find helpful.)

True Enlightenment Meaning

Come to think of it, “true enlightenment should mean this conscious and free shifts in our awareness”. Realizing there is another mode besides the separated individual mode is only the beginning.

And what happens when you have this true enlightenment? Freedom! You realize very few things if any, matters and you can be fully yourself.

You could be singing and dancing all day long. (By the way, this is close to what I’ve been doing since I got a piano. I am on voluntary sabbatical, not making any money, just going crazy with music ♡ I heard Rumi did something similar, too.) Or maybe you have something else you like doing — isn’t it wonderful we each have different likes?

And if you think I’m so conceited — well, what do I care? This is so much fun!

Energy movements have been practiced by many different spiritual schools of thought for many Millenniums, unable to number. In our modern day, we see it in Martial Arts, like Tai Chi, Yoga Practices, Healing Arts and Meditation. Even though they all differ from one another, at their core, are key principles that the Spiritual Seeker must acknowledge and uncover if they are to evolve and grow, spiraling their Consciousness onwards into Awakening and Enlightenment.

Steps to Enlightenment

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become Enlightened? Is it a simply process or a difficult task? Well, as someone who has attained what many would call Enlightenment or I call Omni-Consciousness, I am poised to give you a full breakdown of what you must to do to achieve Enlightenment, and to maintain it.

It is a simple process, just like growing from a child to an adult, but on that path there are many twists and turns that on must take in order to make it completely all the way to the finish.

You see, Enlightenment is not the End-All of Spirituality. It is simply the Beginning of the Journey. One Journey Ends and the Real Journey, the One that Mystics and Awakened Beings walk on everyday, begins. The Path of Enlightenment is something that you do, in the Moment, and practice maintaining, so as to remain Enlightened.

It is like practicing Aikido Martial Arts. They say that before one attains a black belt, one is simply “preparing” to practice Aikido. But only when one has attained a black belt is one considered to be practicing Aikido. When you have attained the “First Level” of Enlightenment, (which I only refer to it as levels as a way to understand that there are deeper ‘states’ or ‘levels’ of Enlightenment that one can experience, since it is a Journey onto itself) it is like receiving a ‘black belt’ in a sense, because there are many levels to the black belts, like there are levels to one’s Enlightenment that can be experienced.

The black belt analogy is crude, but hopefully it gives you some understanding. In reality Enlightenment isn’t ‘linear’ it has many directions that one can take with it, so that no Enlightened Being is exactly the same as another.

Each one is Unique in their own experiences and perceptions of the world and reality, even though at their cores, they are ‘one and the same’, for within exists the Source, their true Identities. They are simply different Aspects of the Force, Incarnate in this dimension or existence. You see, the Universe or Multi-verse is so vast and complex and constantly changing, that there is always new things to learn, do and experience as an Enlightened Being, so that you will always be growing and expanding.

Once you’ve achieved it, you must maintain it, just like a body builder must maintain their muscle strength and mass or risk losing some of the results of their time and effort. Maintaining your Enlightenment is much easier that achieving it. Once you’ve gotten the momentum going, you will be able to ride that wave into deep states of Awakening.

It is the Realizations of Awakening and Shifting your Consciousness that Birth Enlightenment. The things you ‘Do’ to develop your Consciousness, are simply to spark the realizations, that will move you into these States of Enlightenment you are working at Experiencing.

Before you can achieve Enlightenment, you must first Awaken. Awakening is part of the Steps to Enlightenment. It happens when you learn to ‘Think’ with your Energy Consciousness or Mind, instead of your Chemical-based Organic Brain. You learn to separate from your habitual method of perceiving reality. You become able to understand things faster and more complex, more dimensional and ethereal than the limited range of the brain, which is based on your 5 senses.

As you approach Enlightenment, you will experience Deep Awakenings. You will learn to Master your Awakened State, which is to perceive from the Perspective of your Energy Self over your Organic Self. Then you will have a solid foundation for not just developing an Enlightened State of Consciousness but also to maintain it.

How to Experience Energy and Shift Your Consciousness

If you can learn to ‘think differently’ and perceive the world through your higher senses, you can exist in an in-between place that connects you to other Realms that ‘Overlaps’ our own, and move through them and experience wonders that will baffle your imagination, and push your mind beyond time and space into dimensions of energy and consciousness, that you never knew existed but always wanted to discover.

It is “here” where you discover your ‘true roots’, the Realm of Consciousness that all things emanate and originate from, the True You, Who and What You Really Are, The Source, The One.

Again, you realize that what you truly are, is far different and more magical that what you’ve been lead to believe.

You can see that everything is apart of something else, that separation doesn’t exist, which makes you realize that the ‘thought or idea’ of ‘separation’ only exists in your brain, and so you accept that the battle to Awaken, to become ‘more than you are’ begins when you start to Reflect on and discover what makes you ‘tick’…

Re-evaluating everything you ever learned or believed about yourself, the process of self-reflection moves you within yourself and reveals to you the truth that you’ve felt and always known, staring you in the face, but with Spiritual Eyes Closed, was invisible to you.

Now you can ‘Feel’ within you the ‘presence’ of something more. Tingles spread through your hands and feet, your awareness points within your body, you can feel energy within, an emanating excitement. You move your fingers, but they feel different, almost like wearing a Glove.

You bend your fingers and you can feel them like you were inside your fingers, like they’re separate from you, but moving to your will. You look more closely at your hand, and you can see all the little skin cell clusters and ridges like canyons and crevices in the earth.

You can see the ‘pattern’ of your skin, you can feel the bones in your hand, and the blood flowing through your arm and fingers, the temperature of the air on your skin, and you start to see how ‘machine-like’, your body is.

You look at your hands and you start to see a ‘transparent’ shimmer around your hand and fingers about a centimeter in radius, and you feel it, in your chest area, like a pressure, and you suddenly feel yourself ‘in your body’, but not ‘just your body’. You feel this energy vibrating and emanating through the body, like the body was a lamp, but you were the light-bulb ‘in’ the lamp.

You realize that it’s your Aura that you’re seeing, and feeling, and the Truth of the Reality of your Existence. You look and feel around you, and you start to experience a world of Energy, that has been around you this whole time, and NOW you can See it and Feel it!

Much like ‘Moving Through Water’, you move through the Energy world as you walk around, and as you move your hands, focus on seeing and feeling your aura, holding the feeling of being, within your body, you move the energy you feel around you, like moving your hands through water, and you start to discover how to move and interact with this other ‘Reality’ and how it affect the ‘material’ world around you.

Much like the “Iron Man” suit, what we truly are exists within our bodies, our “Iron Man” suit, but we let the ‘artificial intelligence’ within the suit, our brain, run the show most of the time, and for most people, for their entire lives.

The Purpose of the Path of Enlightenment is to achieve Awakening, to live Consciously and in a way that will Actively Lead our Life-Path to the Inevitable Goal of Awakening, in This Lifetime of the Next.

By Achieving this Goal we will be able to ‘Serve The One’, the Source of What we Are, the God-Consciousness that Created all things, and Causes all things to exist, of which we are unmistakably apart of. The Path is one of Service to Something Greater than Us, for in the End, there is Only One.

The Realization of This Truth, Births Within Us, the Desire for the Expansion and Growth of The One, and all Levels of the One, which includes our Personal Lives, to the Life of the Planet, and Ultimately the Life of the Universe, Multiverse, and Omniverse; God.

“The Power and Essence of Love is Life, and Life is Growth, Evolution. For this Purpose we exist, to Experience Life so as to Growth, which in Turn is Experienced by the Whole and so The Whole Grows.”

“True Knowledge gives you Real Possibilities, but it takes Wisdom which comes from Self-Reflection and Experience to know how to apply this knowledge effectively and powerfully. “

“The Flow of the Spirit, You cannot control it, for Force it to do anything for you, but if you ‘become it’ then it will move as One with you, to achieve Your Intentions… In Other Words, Tune Into it, and you can interact with it, but only if you First, learn to Tune In.”

Moments of Higher Consciousness in the Mundane

A couple of weeks ago, I was making a cup of ‘Milo’, (a chocolate-malt drink which comes in a powder form that you mix with Milk) and as I was stirring the powder into the hot liquid, I decided to do it without making the spoon touch the sides of the mug which makes that ‘clinking’ sound. I was allowing the spoon to flow with the currents and not make the liquid all choppy and splashing around resisting the spoon so it all ‘flows’.

While I was doing this I was ‘observing’ myself, what I was feeling, the emotions, biological reactions, and how my ‘mind’ was communicating with my brain/body. This ‘awareness’ shifted my Consciousness to a Higher Frequency and I ‘merged’ with the feeling stirring created.

I experienced the patterns of the liquid and ‘felt’ how it moved on a molecular level, the ‘flowing’ of the Spoon ‘With’ the Liquid’ so as to ‘Influence’ the Liquid to continue ‘spinning’ while at the same time, using my ‘Intention’ to Guide the Spoon to ‘avoid’ hitting the Mug. I was flowing and moving with the liquid to mix the powder into the liquid to create the ’3rd’… The perfectly mixed Mug of Milo.

While I was doing it, I was ‘zoomed into’ the liquid, I could ‘feel’ the layers and density of the liquid, moving around the spoon as I swirled it through the liquid, the bits of powder breaking apart into the liquid and dispersing through it, the temperature of the liquid, the hardness of the mug, the way the light in the room creating ‘reflections’ on the top and handle of the mug, ‘All at the Same Time’.

Conscious, Directing, Operating & Awareness

I was also ‘Conscious’ or Aware, of my Self, ‘Directing’ and “Operating” as my “Intention” to keep the liquid swirling as fast as I can without hitting the mug. The Faster I went, the more ‘Awareness‘ I needed to be ‘Conscious’ of how the ‘liquid and spoon’ were ‘moving together, or ‘synchronizing’ together and how I was ‘Guiding’ and moving my hand to mix the powder and the milk together to create Milo… Its like Masculine and Feminine energies, Yin/Yang together create the 3rd, a New Creation.

Thoughts Distract Me

I also had to remain ‘Fluidic and Mindful‘ of what I was feeling and to continue to hold my ‘Attention’ to what I was doing, and not allowing any ‘thoughts’ to ‘distract me’ from what I was experiencing, or allow my I’s, the Ego or ‘Biological Programming’ to disrupt my Intention, and ‘allow’ myself to get upset, or feel any ‘biological emotion‘, just Pure Awareness, when I did hit the Spoon on the Mug.

So I had a Clear Mind and had ‘removed my organic emotions’ away from my Consciousness, like removing 10 lb ankle weights that you’ve been walking around with, so you can move more ‘freely’. This then allowed me to Focus on the ‘Feeling’, Emotion or to be more exact, the ‘Frequency’ of the Experience in its different layers, the Liquid, the Spoon, the Mug, the speed of my swirls, etc, the 5 sensory data and the 6th sensory data, the physical and spiritual Awareness within the Moment.

By clearing away my emotions, this prevents them from ‘polluting’ or ‘corrupting’ the data that I am sensing by ‘colouring’ it with whatever internal emotions I have going on. Instead of thinking with Verbal Thought, I can think with Intent/Inner Knowing, which is a Frequency a Feeling, similar to biological emotion, but with far more ‘range’ of expression and texture than chemical emotion.

Feeling, Energy and Frequencies

The Energy Frequencies we can tap into we experience Dimensionally as a ‘feeling’, like texture, and Everything in Existence has it’s own Unique Frequency or Feeling. Things that contain other things within them also have a ‘collective’ frequency. So if you know the frequency you can ‘communicate’ that to someone or ‘detect it’ if you were ‘scanning’ a room, building or someone. If I know what ‘Bread’ Feels Like, I can ‘scan’ for that ‘frequency’ when at the Supermarket and I’ll know what direction to go in the store to find some Bread.

What you are really doing is you are using your ‘Mind’ which is Energy to think with instead of your Brain. Your Brain cannot work with ‘Frequency Data’ the way your Mind Can. Your Brain will always try to translate it into 5 Sensory-Type of Data, like a Smell, a Sound or an Image etc. Your Mind can work with the Frequency directly and this is because your Mind is capable of ‘Moving’ at a Higher Frequency than your Brain.

‘Spiritual’ or ‘Paranormal’, ‘Metaphysical’

When your Mind does this, it is able to work with the more Complex Data, that was always there but your Brain ‘Filtered out’. This is because it didn’t know what to do with it or make of it. It simply wasn’t trained Psychically to work with that kind of information. So if we want to develop Spiritually, it’s about learning to develop our Minds which is capable to moving at a comparably Faster Frequency or Higher Frequency than this Dimension, and thus Conceive of things that are beyond this dimension, hence the term ‘Spiritual’ or ‘Paranormal’, ‘Metaphysical’.

It’s the different between riding a Bicycle or a Motorcycle. Their both Bikes, but what one is able to do the other can do but better and beyond. So Organic Thought and Energy Thought are both Thoughts, but One is ‘Faster’ and more ‘Dynamic’ than the other one. One will allow you to Operate from a Higher State of Consciousness and the Other Can’t.

If I wasn’t ‘Mindful of my Organic Thoughts, mainly those that are Chemical-based, (The Emotions and Impulses you feel, like hunger, sexual desire, happiness, fear, joy, curiosity, etc. and their corresponding Verbal thoughts, like when you talk in your head to yourself, but you think those thoughts are ‘you’. ) I would be ‘pulled’ down from that Higher state of Awareness I was operating from.

Clarity of Mind

By quieting down the ‘Brain Chatter’, the ‘Babbler’, you clear away your ‘verbal thoughts’ and emotions, or Whatever ‘Programs’ are running in your head, so you have ‘Clarity of Mind’, so you can ‘Feel Clearly’, the Energy Frequencies of the World around you or whatever you are focusing on… What it Feels Like, and Think from a Higher State of Consciousness, True Clarity of Thought.

When the ocean is Full of Ripples, you cannot enjoy and experience fully the beautiful things below, but when the water is Still and there is Silence, then Everything that was ‘hidden’ from you becomes ‘clear as day’. You are able to Know your True Self, the True I, your Higher Consciousness, from all the Biological I’s that ‘surround it’ and ‘Act’ as if they Are You, but Are Not.

3 Keys

This is why I talk about Awareness, Clarity and Fluidity. They are 3 Keys that you need to develop within you in order to Awaken. They Work Together in Synchronicity, like having a ‘device’ that takes 3 keys that have to be turned ‘simultaneously’ in order to ‘unlock’ something, and have to remain in ‘position’ to keep the ‘door open’.

After thinking about the Experience of being Mindful of the Moment even when doing something that we normally do ‘Autonomously’, like Stirring Coffee, I realized that this is same as how everything in this Dimension is Created as a 3rd at the most micro level and the largest macro level.

3rd Creation

A Mother and Father, come together to create the 3rd, offspring who will also become Mothers and Fathers and create another 3rd. You are a ‘Hybrid’ of your Parents, and are Totally Unique from them, and so will your children be. Such is the Ways of ‘Evolutionary Creation’ through the Guidance of the Force. (The Force is the Collective Consciousness of the Multiverse. That Collective Intelligence as the One, I often refer to as the Omniverse or Omni-Consciousness.)

So Observe within yourself and be aware of the part of you that is Conscious, the Conscious Director, your Operating Intention that is directing your Mind to Think in a Higher State of Awareness. At the same time, be mindful of the I’s the part of your that is ‘Self-Identified’ with This Dimension, and the Roles that you Play in your Everyday life, like an Actor in a movie who thinks he is the Role he is playing, and has to come back to Reality.

Our World is the ‘Stage’, as Shakespeare once said, and how and where we ‘fit in’ are like Avatars in a video game or a Virtual Chat room, a ‘character’ we use, that we’ve learned from social/biological programming from a young age to adopt as our way or style of living and interacting with people and the world around us… Our Perceptual filters, and perceptions we’ve acquired and adapted with throughout our life.

Developing your Energy and Consciousness

This is part what you are trying to awaken out of. When you do that, you will see the ‘other dimensions’ overlapping this one as a ‘Normality’. In the meantime, you need to work at developing your Energy and Consciousness, and start experiencing these other dimensions so you are ‘Driven and Inspired’ to keep exercising your Consciousness so you Continue to develop and grow.

Something as Simple as Stirring Coffee, The Rhythms created puts you in a certain state of mind that is relaxing, and so the Brain and babbler ‘slow down’, which frees up more of your Mind to them ‘Move’ to Higher Frequencies of Consciousness, so you Awaken to ‘Some degree’ in that moment, versus the state of Autonomous Organic Consciousness you may have had moments before.

In essence you are Using these moments as ‘Windows’ that you can ‘move through’ to enter higher states of Consciousness or higher levels of Awakeness. The More Awake or Conscious you are the more you can do and experience Spiritually. Life will always try to ‘pull you down’ to its level like Gravity.

Base level of Awareness

Through Commitment and Consistency, we create a Rhythm and wave that we can ride to higher and higher levels of what our ‘Base level of Awareness’ is ‘set at’. Fluidity is Key. We don’t want to ‘Push too hard against’ the Collective Consciousness of the Planet, which has its own ‘Agenda’ for us, which is to keep in the ‘Matrix’ so we fulfill its purposes.

Path of Enlightenment

For those that are on the Path of Enlightenment, our desire is to ‘move beyond it’ the Collective of the Planet and Expand our Consciousness outwards towards the True Source, God, of which we and the planet and all existence is apart of.

Just like it’s hard for some Parents to let their ‘children go’, when they are ready to move out on their own away from the Family, the Planet will try to ‘keep you in place’ like Gravity.

To counter this ‘opposite reaction’ we need to be ‘fluidic’ and ride the waves that we make in our Consciousness through Meditation, and Spiritual Experience, so that we use our ‘Struggle’ to make our Energy and Consciousness Stronger, like how a body builder used heavy weight resistance of gravity to build strength.

Then we will Gradually Awaken, and when we are Strong Enough, and we have a Well-developed Consciousness, we will ‘Awaken’ fully, and the Multiverse will become Open to us, to move through and experience.

So try to use these different moments in your day to give your ‘Higher Consciousness’ more ‘Airtime’ in this Earthly Dimensional Frequency or ‘channel’ versus your Organic personalities, or I’s. In other words, use these moments in the day to become Consciousness, and then use your Mindfulness to Flow with that state for as long as you can Hold it. You will carry a ‘Higher Tone or Tonal’ to your Consciousness that you have moments before.

You will radiate a Warmth, about you as you move through life, and depending on your current state of Consciousness, if you are more high vibration or lower, if you are more accepting or more judgmental, etc, slow to anger or given to anger, it will last as long as you ‘don’t allow’ your ‘negative I’s’ or aspects of your personality from ‘expressing themselves in the moment’.

The more you can integrate Spirituality into your life, by giving ‘attention’ to the Spiritual Aspects of your environment in as many moments as possible, the faster you will progress on the Path of Enlightenment and are in fact Walking that Path of Enlightenment. You are living a Spiritual Life and are becoming a Mystic Master.

Conclusion: Also, I have forgotten most of the things I use to write. Seeking cannot be a part of this being, and even the memory of it means so little now. (And mind you, this blog has been my life.) In order to place some links in this article so that it would be helpful to some readers took quite a lot of time because of this.

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