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The time we spend going to the office is one of the largest in our adult life. And it is that although it is true that work positively influences our life by providing us with economic benefits and professional performance, it is also true that the long hours spent in the office can lead to other less rewarding consequences, such as not focus on Health and Nutrition bad eating habits and a consequent increase of progressive weight.

Take care of your diet at Office with some simple practical tips

Being thin and fit therefore consists in eating a balanced diet and Healthy Lifestyle Habits, which can sometimes be clouded by some of the distortions of professional activity, such as eating temptations, stress and anxiety, lack of control in the schedules, the overexertion or the need to go out to eat constantly outside the home.

Achieving the objectives of any slimming or maintenance regime in the office is much simpler as long as a series of basic tips are followed in order to avoid that the employment conditions end up weighing on the body.

Occupational Health and Nutrition

Employers have a duty to protect the health of it employees by providing a safe and Nutrition Meals to work. This includes identifying hazards and eliminating, reducing and controlling any risks related Health that if not properly managed could lead to a number of work related health conditions.

Reducing the accumulated weight, gaining self-esteem in self-esteem and Health and Nutrition, is easier with the following guidelines

Do Lunch Every Day with a routine

  • Go out to eat at the same time. Adjusting schedules and having lunch every day at the same time, or with no more than half an hour between one day and the next, will get your body to learn to regulate and avoid the dreaded rebound effect.

Do not skip any food

  • Do not skip any food. Skipping meals is a quick way to get overweight, contrary to what many people think, since the metabolism needs small but constant intakes to avoid suffering glucose peaks that lead, on the one hand to a higher intake at the next meal, and on the other to storage.

Exercises before Work

  • Exercise when you go to work or when you have free time. In addition to eating a healthy diet, it is essential to accompany it with the sport. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, nothing happens, do it at home. Prepare an exercise chart and go ahead.

Be socialise Share Lunch with Colleagues

  • Go out for lunch with colleagues in the office. Socializing with coworkers will help us eat fewer thanks to the talk, in addition to enhancing our personal and professional relationship with them.

Get Food from Home

  • Take your food from home and be innovative. Avoid the boredom of always eating the same thing by innovating in your low-calorie recipes, and whenever you can discard the restaurants by having your food prepared at home. You will always know what you eat and how food has been seasoned.

Stay away from office canteen junk food

  • Forget the industrial bakery. These foods, as well as fatty snacks similar to package fries, will not only be harmful to your body, but they will make you eat many empty calories without providing you with any energy to cope with the workday.

Wellbeing Office Health and Nutrition:

Employers should promote wellbeing Health and Nutrition initiatives in the workplace as healthier employees are far more productive. A member of the senior management team should oversee such issues and the introduction of a wellbeing working group is recommended.

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