Spiritual awakening really looks like an awakening when a child slowly opens his sleepy eyes and begins to see the real reality and not an endless fantastic illusory dream.

The big question is how to start your spiritual awakening as a beginner. Spiritual awakening is the beginning of the mystical path, as well as the spiritual path in general.

  • It can happen suddenly or gradually.
  • It often comes as an emotionally overwhelming “mystical experience”, possibly ending a period of intense emotional anguish and distress.

Another frequent ‘scene’ during a spiritual initiation ceremony, for example, is currently water baptism for ‘born again Christians’.

Stages of How to Start Your Spiritual Awakening

How to Start Your Spiritual Awakening
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At the first stage of awakening, you simply begin to search, as you feel the inner call of your Soul to search for Yourself

You begin to be less interested in the material world and you plunge into spirituality: you read a lot of spiritual literature, meditate and even visit a variety of spiritual schools, websites, teachings.

So you are trying to find Yourself, the meaning of your existence and understand: why are you here. And look for this answer in the outer world.

This stage of how to start your spiritual awakening takes different periods of time for everyone: for some, years, and for others, their whole life and not even one.

At the new stage of awakening, you understand that it is impossible to find the meaning of existence in the external world since more often you search there not with your Soul, but with your mind. You are still absorbing patterns and patterns, but not material, but spiritual. You again become someone, a purer and lighter being, but not yourself.

And the Second Stage of Awakening begins exactly when you turn to Yourself

You begin to consider your inner world and reveal Yourself, all the knowledge that is hidden inside you, all the high Divine energy that you have and have always possessed. You begin to cognize your Soul, it’s Light … You stop separating the spiritual from the material and finally unite them together.

It is then that a very close connection with your Higher Self is set up and it leads you along this path, helps you to grow and develop spiritually. The Higher Self leads you to Himself, to Himself Home …

You begin to see your entire inner world, with all its imperfections. And sometimes you even get scared at first, because so much dirt has accumulated in it, so much low energy.

And the third stage of awakening is when you begin to fully live your Soul here on earth

You live in a constant and continuous stream of your Divine Light and create everything with your Soul.

And your reality corresponds to your inner glow, it is as joyful and beautiful, as light and radiant as you are.

You enjoy life and it pleases you. You accept with gratitude all the abundance of the universe, as you opened up to it. You meet the whole world with love, all living beings, and they respond to you with the same light, with the same acceptance of you and with boundless love.

My dear ones, after the third stage of awakening, your Ascension takes place, since the Soul has completely and completely enjoyed the experience of the earth. She came to know herself on earth both in darkness and in her beautiful Light, and here, in the dense plan (third and fourth dimensions), she is no longer interested, she is waiting for new magical adventures, for example, the fifth dimension of the earth.

Spiritual Awakening is to Feel Free from the Body

How to Start Your Spiritual Awakening
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With reading this guide on how to start your spiritual awakening, neither the psychological limitations (mind) nor the possibilities and limitations of the body are almost perceived. It all seems like an incredible dream. Therefore, this mega-insight is called Awakening.

What if you are Spiritually Awakened?

The network jokes: “Do not attract the attention of orderlies.” But in every joke, there is only a grain of a joke. No need to tell everyone about your experience. Awakening by itself does not guarantee Enlightenment in this life. Although this is a very good sign and the greatest milestone on the path of yoga.

Why doesn’t Awakening guarantee anything? The trouble is that almost no one has a spiritual mentor, “coach”, Guru.

And when a person is experiencing a spiritual awakening, then ideally there should be a “Guru” nearby: the one who will tell you what it is and what to do about it. Many athletes, according to their own stories, have had out-of-body experiences.

Any time-consuming, monotonous, repetitive movements, with a high degree of probability, can lead to a stop of the mind and go beyond it.

Therefore, even a janitor can be spiritually awakened. The only question is what this person will do next with this experience.

And will it be For yogis, this is just the beginning of the journey?


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