Here we are again with the Poetry Season 2: The Feature is Dreaming in a Reality, Dorothy Jean, Desperation, Baba and the Triangle

Poetry Season 1 Topic:

Dreaming in a Reality

The dream that I am in is life
I feel disconnected from this reality
Standing in a crowd with friends and foes
The only thing I feel is alone
I watch the cars drive by
Always wondering to myself
Is this real?
Am I alive or is this another dream?
The illusion is all I can see
My perceptions are deep
Each object and person is an illusion
Suddenly, I feel disconnected from it all
I observe the cars rushing by and human beings fighting to stay alive
I wonder to myself
Asking if they ever stop and look
Living is sleeping, working, and rushing around
Each day the same pattern is repeated
Repeated over again until someone stops and dies
I know that I am changing
Changing within and holding on for dear life
The reality that I once knew is destroyed
The illusion is all around me
I am existing in a dream
A dream that is my own creation
My own manifestation
Please God, set me free.

Dorothy Jean

Slowly walking towards the front door. The birds that made a home in your wreath fly towards me chirping with confusion.
I stop to smell the flowers gathered close to each other, all in a row.
It seems that each time I visit, excitement rushes over me.
As if I were a child once again longing to be freed by your smile.
Making my way to the porch, each time giggling inside, for I know each step you will take.
My memory replays it within my mind, silently embracing the beauty.
You come running around the corner, your hair blowing in the wind.
I watch through the window by the door.
Your face lightens up like a child who had seen Santa Claus for the first time.
Your steps are fast, with your blue eyes twinkling like stars from heaven.
Patiently waiting for you to open the door.
Feelings within my soul flow in peaceful harmony as I stand patiently by.
Once more, the worry and fear are destroyed by your presence.
Just watching you as you dart towards the door, smiling like you had been saved.
Saved by a young girl, who also yearns desperately to see your smile.


The rays of the sunburn upon my skin like hot fire.
Upon the dawning of the night, my tenderness is gone.
It has simply vanished from sight.
I can feel the tears swelling up inside my eyes.
The blindness takes over as the light pierces through my skin.
In the silence, I hear a voice echoing beyond my sight.
Sitting in the darkness, my pain is evident to me.
The pain has enveloped my heart while turning my heart into sadness.
Now I can feel my wounds exploding loudly from within.
Running to hide, turning in each direction, I can not escape the vicious cycle.
The viciousness aches deep within my heart, my bleeding heart.
Praying for freedom, but my freedom never seems to come.
I am haunted by pain and wounded by desire.
The love I once had was real, but now it burns like fire.
I can not run and I can not hide, because everywhere I turn,
I see his face echoing deep inside.

Baba and the Triangle

Lying on my back
Relaxing my body until I am numb
My eyes are closed tightly
Longing to see
Oh how I long to see you
You are the only one that can set me free
Miracles are your speciality
You love to smile and dance around childishly
Love and kindness radiate from you
You always appear to me
Standing ahead of my vision
I can see you radiating light
My heart beats fast and my body feels light
The love I feel is strong and words can not describe
I see myself looking up towards you
You stand magnified at the top of a triangle
Looking up at you, I long to reach you there
Something is holding me back, I am afraid
On the left side of the triangle is John, while Geoff is patiently standing on the right
I stand in the middle, glancing up towards you Baba
Your love is all I want and all I need
But why do I stay where I am?
I long for you and then I finally reach you
I stand at the top with you and you want me to look down
The fear sweeps into me and I am too afraid to look down
I can’t look down and I don’t want to see
I am afraid of my power
Scared to death that I will see what I don’t want to see
The fact that you are my destiny

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