Here we are again with the Poetry Season 2: The Feature is Wonderer, Desire, Soul Attraction, Somewhere, Sleepless Mind, Silence, Revelation and Forgetfulness

Poetry Season 2 Topic:


Wandering desperately through the night
Searching for things beyond my sight
Reaching towards heaven and shouting
Enlighten me, Lord
Deliver to me.

Freedom is an imprint left on my soul
My thoughts are so jumbled they have nowhere to go
I wander alone, longing to be free
I long for God’s hand to sweep down
Enlighten me, Lord
Rescue me.

Floating above the illusion for my eyes can see
My heart cries out for all humanity
Blindness growing all around me
I struggle to break free
Enlighten me, Lord
You are my destiny.


Wanting physical things
Feel that deep encompassing selfish love
It screams and bleeds
Taking hold of me.

Aching swell up within my soul
Feel the rage bubbling out of control
It screams and bleeds
Taking hold of me.

Turning to run away
Feel frozen like a statue in the snow
It screams and bleeds
Taking hold of me.

Barely moving and barely breathing
Feel ashamed and enraged
It screams and bleeds
Taking hold of me.

Walking with my head down low
Feel the sickness sweep over me
It screams and bleeds
Taking hold of me.

Evil eyes turned toward the dusty ground
Feel ashamed to lift my head
Feel the fear that God might strike me dead
with one quick blow.

Soul Attraction

Meeting you
Deeper eyes than I had ever known

Piercing glances
Deeper eyes than I had ever known

Energetic frequency
Bubbling within me
Deeper eyes than I had ever known

Turn my head away
Deeper eyes than I had ever known

Loving your personality
Deeper eyes than I had ever known

Wanting to know you
Deeper eyes than I had ever known


Somewhere in the world
A lonely heart burns cold
Somewhere in the night
Love ignites

Somehow in the lonely night
A lonely heart is lost
Somewhere in the night
The flicker of love
Is bright

Somewhere in the snow
A lonely heart is slowed
Somewhere in the day
Our love will be
The same

Somewhere in the night
A lonely heart needs sight
A lonely heart will shine
Somewhere in the night
With all its might

Sleepless Mind

The mind has drifted away
Just like the small drops of rain
They fall swiftly in the month of May

Memories of years that have passed
Have seemed to skip and lapse
Your eyes are full of light
Our hearts cry out for sight

Come back to us someday
We miss you and love you the same
Come back to us like you were yesterday
With your memories and bouncing way

Walk toward us with delight
Bring all your memories to light
Come back to us someday
We want you back the same
As you were so many yesterdays
Now it seems you are so far away.


Deep within the silence
I yearn to be free
A desire screaming to be given
Spinning and turning inside of me.

Lightning may come
Strike me dead
A desire screaming to be given
Spinning and turning inside of me.

Soaring like a bird
Flying high in the sky
A desire screaming to be given
Spinning and turning inside of me.

Freedom comes at last
No pain and no past
A desire screaming to be given
Spinning and turning inside of me.


As I wander through this desolate place
I wander weak and weary
Longing for the light to shine in my life
And bring me back to life

I sit and weep as despair clouds my soul
Then suddenly a deep feeling of peace rushes in
Cleansing me and taking a hold of my pain with his bare hands
Holding my sorrow and blowing it away
I watch it fly high, high in the sky
Soaring above me, twirling and swirling
I wave and scream goodbye!

I sit and stare at the sky with wonder
Inner knowing rushes over me and suddenly I can see
Revelation has taken a hold of me
It opened my eyes and made me see
It cleansed my heart and made it free
It called for me and my heart followed
Now my heart is gone away from me
Belonging to the never-ending destiny

I travel down the never-ending path
It is the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
I will return to it someday
Soaring towards the light
Arms reaching out for it
Open my eyes

I wait in this desolate place
Waiting for a day I will be with it again
Revelation can be such an infatuation
As it was in the beginning and will be in the end


Memories remain constant
Echoing in the vast emptiness of my soul
Deep within my loneliness
A glimmer is shown.

No moment lasts nor stops
Because I am alone
Alone I stand
Standing alone.

Reaching for you with a powerful grace
Energy swirling around your face
Pulling me towards you
Oh, how you pull me towards you.

Slowly I stop
Resisting the power
Moving closer and nearer to you
Until I am frozen in a mist of forgetfulness.

At first glance, you appear cool
Coolness seems to engulf you
Surrounding you with a sense of beauty
Like no beauty I have ever known.

The tide seems to roar and cry
Deeply engrained in your sparkling green eyes
Tears swell up inside my eyes
Turning the floor into a vast sea of forgetfulness.

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