If you have ever heard of the terms divination, mediumship, clairvoyance, astral projection, psychokinesis, or even precognition, these all fall into a category of something that is referred to as a Psychic Ability.

Let’s continue our discussion of the inner workings of the Psychic Mind.

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to walk through a wall? Is it possible for a person or object to pass through or occupy the same space as another object? If reality is an “illusion” of the mind, then why does everything seem solid? Can these laws of physics be bend or broken?

Well, I believe they can, and according to science, they can. How is this possible? Well, it is because you and the objects around you are both vibrating at the same speed, the same bandwidth.

What does that mean? Well, In other words, your body is a part of the same range of frequencies that everything else around you is, so for you, your reality is based on what you can perceive. You seen, your brain is programmed to be able to primarily sense things that are vibrating on the same wavelength or range of frequencies, as the matter that makes up your body. Everything ‘appears’ solid to you.

But there are things that are vibrating at a ‘different’ speed or range, that exist on the ‘electro-magnetic spectrum’, that our eyes and hears cannot detect. Since you cannot hear or see them, do they exist to you? No. The only things that are real to you, are the things you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Now what about Ghosts, Spirits or Entities?

How come some people can see them, or believe in their existence, and others do not?

Well, we already know from science that all matter is in a state of flux and is constantly moving. It is moving so much that on an atomic level, matter is never in the same place, one moment to the next. The atoms move from one spot in space to another, like a ball bouncing around off the walls without losing momentum, will keep bouncing back and forth over and over.

So if your hand tries to touch the table, since the atoms in your hand and the table are bouncing at the same rate or speed, your hand can’t move through the table. If you could speed up the ‘rate of vibration’ of your hand, well guess what? Your hand would not only move through the table but if you went fast enough, your body would jump to another bandwidth, like going from FM to AM, you would disappear from this dimension, this reality and pop into another dimension, another reality.

Pretty intense stuff isn’t it?

For a psychic who can see and communicate with Spirits or Entities, their mind is capable of moving at such a speed or rate of vibration, that they are able to merge their minds into other ‘dimensional’ frequencies, at a range where Entities, Spirits or non-corporeal beings, made of energy exist. Since they have no molecular structure, or have a different kind of ‘structure’, they are not part of the reality we normally experience.

Light doesn’t bounce off them for your eyes to pick up on them. Why a psychic sees them, is because the mind is picking up on them and ‘holographically’ creating the imagery of the Entity within their brains, so their brains ‘see’ them like they see everything else.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and what the senses input into it. The mind becomes a ’6th sensory’ for the brain to receive input from the world around it.

It is like all reality or atoms are vibrating at 50 mph, and the dimension that Entities travel through is vibrating at 200 mph. The psychic is able to move their minds from 50 mph to 200 mph and are now able to peer into these other realms, and see the Spirits or Entities on that ‘channel’ or frequency, overlapping the same space. It is just like changing a radio from 88.5 to 98.1. Both broadcasts share the same space and are overlapping ‘dimensionally’. It is all about what ‘frequency’ you are tuned into.

Since most people’s minds are focused on this reality, their jobs, their material possessions, or simply don’t believe in energy, spirituality, the soul, etc. Their minds never leave that 50 mph speed. They may go up to say, 75 mph, if they start thinking about scientific things, or pondering their existence, or start reflecting on themselves, but never into a high enough range to see Entities.

Now there are other people who do reflect on themselves and ponder their consciousness, regularly, so that their minds are already able to move at a faster speed. These type of people are most likely like you, someone who is interested in these kinds of things, which allows your mind to move at a faster rate, thus allowing you to tune into and experience Entities when they happen to be around

Isn’t that fascinating? So what allows some people to see Ghosts or Spirits and other do not has all to do with the expansiveness and flexibility of their minds.

You see, these are the nuts and bolts of how reality and this dimension works. These are the inner workings of the ‘Matrix’ that we call reality, the programming of the Hologram we call existence.

Now, have you ever noticed that if you look at a ceiling fan set on high or look at the spinning rims of a car driving down a highway, you can no longer see the individual blades or spokes and can see through it?

If someone was to blow a dog whistle, you would hear nothing, but for a dog’s ears that are attuned to a higher frequency of hearing, it would hear the sound loud and clear. So you can clearly see that there are things that exist in reality that are outside of the sensory range for which our brains and bodies are programmed to perceive.

Outside of the perceptual range of our 5 senses are things that exist that would baffle the brain because it simply isn’t built to comprehend those things. It is like trying to describe color to a blind person, or music to a deaf person.

A person who is blind can understand colors by relating them to textures or sounds, like the keys of a piano. A person who is deaf can understand sounds by relating them to the tints, tones and shades of colors. In a similar way, those that are Psychically trained or are born manifesting Psychic Abilities, are able to use their Minds to move and navigate through these other ‘Channels’ or Dimensions of Energy that contain data to be captured and experienced.

If you learn to navigate the Psychic Grid, your brain will be able to translate the dimensional data your mind connects with; into data the brain can understand, in other words, images, sounds, smells, etc. It is like a TV that captures radio frequencies, digital programming and patterns and translates it into something a human can perceive such as pictures and sounds.

Since your Mind is not organic or based on a network of cells, it can move at the speed of light, because it is based on energy. It is electro-magnetic, and is exponentially faster than the chemically-based brain.

It can change its vibrational pattern, frequency or bandwidth, and move faster than the vibrational rate of matter in this dimension until it leaves this bandwidth or speed of vibration and enters another ‘lane’ or bandwidth.

Then your mind is able to move and navigate through these other bandwidths or dimensions and explore other aspects of ‘reality’ that your brain could never take you.

It is like living alone on a tiny island your whole life, and one day you find an airplane and runway hidden in some remote area of the island.

You jump in and take off down the runway, achieve liftoff and soar through the sky, and travel to distant lands that hold people and experiences beyond anything you could have experienced if you just stayed on the island your whole life.

So as long as you can keep your mind vibrating at this ‘faster’ or ‘different’ speed, pattern, and rhythm, you can cruise that dimensional space.

If you allow things to distract you, such as your cell phone ringing, your mind may jump down out of that bandwidth and you’ll have to start over again.

Once you get skilled enough, you will be able to ‘juggle’ being in these Psychic Dimensions and other Bandwidths while talking to other people or doing other things, than only when you’re sitting down meditating.

Then you can do things like Psychic Readings and receive clear images that turn into ‘motion picture’ with full audio, smells, textures. A fully holographic experience like being in the Holodeck from Star Trek, but it is within your mind.

These abilities are those that are not explainable, not attributed to any type of empirical data. Despite the fact that science cannot be used to explain the events that have occurred, ones that have been documented for decades attributed to those that possess psychic powers, they are very real, and for those that have experienced them first-hand, this truth is self-evident.

Here is a basic overview of what psychic abilities are, how they may originate, and how to determine which ones you might have yourself.

Overview of Psychic Ability

Even if you do not know a psychic personally, you may have had psychic occurrences in your life. If you have ever written something down without thinking about it, such as a chapter to a book, or a play that you were writing, this seems to originate from somewhere outside of yourself.

People have sometimes avoided driving to a destination, or boarding a plane, having what is called a death warning. This is a type of precognition, something that is very common with those that have psychic abilities, individuals that seem to be able to not only tap into their own time stream, but may also be able to help others in regard to choices that they need to make.

The Imagination Exercise from Part 01, psychologically shows you that you are connected more intensely on the Grid to people who are in your life and know you and them to those within their ‘Field of Influence’ and so on. This network spreads out not just between humans but plants, animals, even the rocks and dirt, for all things ‘absorb’ energy and radiate an Energy Field, or an Aura.

This field blankets the planet and is a necessary part of how this reality we live in functions or is ‘held’ into place. Quantum Physicists are baffled by the fact that atoms and molecules don’t just ‘fly apart’ from each other. There seems to be an ‘Invisible, Mysterious’ Force that binds and holds the very matter that makes up our reality together.

Psychic Grid

This Psychic Grid reminds me of the babushka dolls from Russia, a doll within a doll. So there is you, and your family within a neighborhood of people, a city, province/state, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, galaxy cluster, super cluster and onwards until we reach the Universe itself.

The Universe is the Highest Level of the Psychic Grid, and Consciousness Grids within this ‘Range’ of Dimensional Bandwidths. Once your mind can shift out of the range of frequencies that contains what we call matter, a denser, slower form of energy, it moves into the Psychic Realms and then other Realms, which are on the ‘faster’ side on the spectrum of this Dimensional bandwidth we call reality.

If your Mind is strong enough and skilled enough, you can choose to move even further and leave this Bandwidth altogether and move into another Dimensional Reality, beyond Space/Time as we know it.

If you have an understanding of the Energy centers or Chakras within you, then you are aware of the 3rd Eye or Mind Center. This is the Seat of Psychic Awareness, part of where the Mind directly interfaces with the brain.

By practicing meditation, one can strengthen that energy center so that the ‘neurology’ in that area becomes stronger or denser, creating a stronger current of energy flowing through that area.

Like a muscle it gets ‘bigger’ in its energy capacity, and ‘stronger’ in its energy output. One should not just meditate on that area alone, because it would create an imbalance in your energy fields, where you would lack other energies necessary to ‘ground’ yourself out of those bandwidths so you can deal with and integrate with everyday life.

Psychic abilities are fun, but you also need to be able to turn them off. I remember when I was younger, a teenager, I went through a period of time where my psychic abilities were ‘on’ all the time. I could ‘hear’ or perceive other peoples thoughts and emotions constantly and couldn’t turn it off so easily. It got to the point that at times I could hardly distinguish my own thoughts/emotions from those around me.

I trained myself to be able to discern the differences between frequencies or data that I’m receiving and those that I’m sending or projecting. Now I can reap the benefits of my hard work, time and efforts. You see, I had no one to guide me, or anyone to turn to for help so I had to rely on my ‘Core Self’ or my ‘Higher Consciousness’ for teaching and instruction. Through what I learned from within, I was able to let go of who and what I thought I was and allow the ‘true me’ the Omni-Consciousness behind my Mind to Awaken into the Forefront of my Consciousness.

Achieving this birthed within me a State of Enlightenment, and now I can move into that state of Consciousness fully and completely at will. In truth, there is always a part of me that is in that state, and a part of me that is in my mind and body operation myself here, like a person playing a videogame.

But when I need to become more ‘centered’ so I can move my mind across time and space to do what I need to do spiritually, I can move the focus of my Higher Consciousness towards this dimension to deal with things here, as this is the ‘game’ I am currently playing, the ‘Central Reality’ I am currently navigating, where my Soul is rooted for this lifetime.

To my Higher Self, my Body is like an Avatar in a video game and I/Omni-Consciousness is in the background, observing and directing the mind and body to move breath and exist.

I’ve seen that there are many people on the planet who are like me when I was going through my Awakening Process, looking for the ‘Right’ knowledge, the kind that will catalyze them into Awakening.

There are lots of teachings out there, and I myself have read many books and reviews many different products and systems and in the end, the majority of what is available is lacking in the compactness necessary to help people like you get to where you need to get to in the least amount of time, without spending years studying and practicing just to reaching the edges of Awakening.

You need solid food and you need it now. Life on this planet is at a crossroads. People are all searching for answers and direction. We want things to get better, but there seems to be very few workable answers out there.

If you put forth your time and effort into developing yourself and your Consciousness, since you are a part of the Collective Consciousness, your Frequency and High Vibration can become the beacon of light those around you need to ‘feel’ and experience to help point them in the direction of love, positivity, peace and collective unity that is so direly needed now.

We are not alone. There are already people at work, doing their best to use their Minds and Consciousness to help move the Collective Consciousness towards positive outcomes and away from the negativity and fears that plague us today.

Essentially, Psychic Ability are those abilities which have no explanation, yet they do occur, without understanding why. Here are the top five psychic abilities that many people have as documented throughout the ages.

Top Five Psychic Ability:-

  1. Mediumship Psychic Ability:

When people are able to talk to the dead, this is called mediumship or channelling. You have probably seen John Edward on national television, a psychic that has helped thousands of people communicate with loved ones that have passed.

  1. Psychometry Psychic Ability:

Psychometry is the ability to gain knowledge by touching a person, or an object that was owned by a person, effectively tuning the psychic into their thoughts and memories. You have probably had a feeling about someone, or knew something about someone, examples of this particular type of psychic power.

  1. Dowsing Psychic Ability:

Dowsing is something that has been used, even documented, for hundreds of years, used by indigenous people to find water. It is still practised today, a method that does seem to have a substantial amount of credence by virtue of the fact that people that developed land will almost always call one of these dowsers to come in to tell them where they need to drill for water.

  1. Telepathic Psychic Ability:

Telepathy is similar to psychometry, with the exception that it is the knowledge that you know without having to physically touch a person or an object that they have possessed.

  1. Healing Hand Psychic Ability:

Finally, hands-on healing, or what is called energy medicine is slowly becoming accepted as a tangible and real ability that many people have based upon the many miracles that have occurred when modern medicine was not able to save an individual, but a person with these powers was able to help them recover.

Do You Have Psychic Abilities?

To find out if you have psychic abilities, you simply have to think about things that you have done in your life. If you have ever known something about someone had precognition about an event that was going to happen, or if you have ever laid hands on someone in order to heal them, feeling your hands get exceptionally hot, this is a psychic ability.

By looking at the many that exist, and comparing those attributes to your own life and experiences that you have had, not only will you be able to determine if you have had psychic occurrences in your life, but you will also know if you can build upon these natural abilities that so many people have worldwide.

Conclusion: Having psychic abilities have a much greater purpose than just to help you have a better life. They can also be used to help heal others and help the collective human race and planet as a whole, experience a better existence for us all. Then you will have shown yourself to not just be a psychically developed being, but become the Enlightened Beings that you are within, that sees yourself within the whole and the whole within you. After all, All is One, and One is All. All is God and God is All,

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