Spiritual awakening is the realization of our spiritual essence, it is the acceptance of the fact that we are not just body and mind. Awakening always happens with those who follow the path of spiritual development.

Awakening in translation from Sanskrit (Buddha) means “realized his nature.”

During spiritual awakening, we “wake up”. We begin to rethink our old beliefs, habits and ideals. The understanding comes to us that life is something more than we thought before.

In the process of spiritual awakening, we ask ourselves the questions: “Why are we here?”, “What is the meaning of our life?”, “What will happen to us after death?”, “Why do good people suffer?”.

Spiritual awakening touches on the most profound and essential topics that we have previously avoided.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Signs of Spiritual Awakening
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Signs of spiritual awakening are manifested not only on the emotional but also on the psychological and even physical level.

The 10 most common signs of Spiritual Awakening:

  1. The feeling that life has changed irrevocably and forever;
  2. Uncertainty and fear;
  3. Disgust for what you liked before;
  4. The desire for loneliness;
  5. Compassion for other people;
  6. Manifestations of synchronicity *;
  7. Increased sensitivity;
  8. Attacks of anxiety and depression;
  9. The emergence of questions such as “Why am I here?” and “What is the meaning of life?”;
  10. Thirst for truth and spiritual self-realization.

7 Spiritual Awakening Process

Spiritual Awakening Process
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1. You will learn a lot about yourself

When you are focused on spiritual growth, you pay more and more attention to yourself: your talents and skills, you try to understand your character, you accept your desires and needs.

In this regard, you find happiness to be yourself, you no longer consider yourself a person who does not correspond to something or someone.

2. You are no longer afraid of silence and loneliness

When your spiritual development moves to new levels, you less want to drown out your inner voice with extraneous sounds.

Yes, and alone with yourself, you will no longer be empty and lonely: you will begin to delve into yourself with interest, communicate with yourself, study yourself.

3. You have other goals in life.

When the consciousness is cleared, those attitudes that have been suggested by your friends, parents, teachers and society as a whole become unimportant.

You have your own goal that truly meets your need to be a realized personality.

4. Close people start to change too

If you notice that your new acquaintances (and old ones too) are changing for the better, communicating with you, this is a sure sign that you are becoming cleaner.

Your personal space becomes more subtle and sensitive, and everyone who gets into it is also cleared.

5. You are filled with energy

When you free yourself from old beliefs and habits, from toxic people and relationships (and as you grow spiritually, this inevitably happens), you no longer waste your energy on maintaining that which does not benefit you.

As a result, you have enough energy to accomplish something truly worthwhile and grandiose.

6. Honesty Becomes Your Guide

If you feel uncomfortable, if you hear a lie or are forced to tell a lie yourself, this is a clear sign that you are awakening.

Lying in itself is harmful and unpleasant, so you stop lying – and above all to yourself.

7. You are no longer bothered by thoughts of death

After all, when you wake up, you begin to internally feel the infinity of life – spiritual, mental, and death is just a part of the earthly cycle. You understand and accept this.

3 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

stages of spiritual awakening
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Stage #1: You feel like a victim

Each of us comes into this world with a sense of our own helplessness. And many people carry this condition throughout their lives.

We are convinced that we ourselves do not decide anything, that we are all controlled: the government, the bosses, the parents, i.e. the world.

We do not yet feel that we are able to influence what is happening to us. We feel only as a result of the cases occurring in the world. And we blame others for this – we complain, express dissatisfaction, go to rallies in protest, we fight those who are against us.

In our life, happy events rarely happen and we are almost never lucky.

Stage #2: You control the situation yourself

At some point, you either come across a book that changes your worldview, for example, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, or you watch a movie like “The Secret” and your idea of ​​life changes dramatically.

You discover in yourself the Power and the ability to write the script of your life yourself. You become convinced of the power of intention and begin to fulfil your desires. You feel the magic around. Happy events happen to you, and life begins to seem successful.

Stage #3: You have awakened

It takes some time to stay in the second stage, and you gradually begin to understand that all your desires and aspirations are only limitations.

You understand that you cannot keep everything under complete control, despite the revealed power.

At this stage of spiritual awakening, Miracles happen all the time, they become an integral part of your reality. You live in anticipation of the Miracle and feel admiration and gratitude.

How to Achieve Spiritual Awakening

How to Achieve Spiritual Awakening
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Spiritual awakening is to feel free from the body. So how you can achieve it:

  • Through the very intense practice of pranayama and meditation.
  • In radical practices: such as rebirthing, holotropic breathing, qi-running and marathon running, dance trance techniques, winter swimming, “Kundalini yoga”, and other techniques.
  • It is not uncommon to get out of body experiences even in the gym. Any physical activity at the limit of our capabilities can lead to a state of spiritual awakening (dis-identification with the body).

All of this may or may not have to do with the “awakening of the Kundalini”, “activation of the chakras”, and psychological liberation: liberation from the mental blocks of the past.

There is no direct connection between Awakening (disidentification with the body) and issues of healing: they, more often than not, just reinforce the false identification: “I = my body”.

Also, Awakening has nothing to do with the difficulty of the advanced acrobatic postures that you are able to take.

With spiritual awakening, neither the psychological limitations (mind) nor the possibilities and limitations of the body are almost perceived. It all seems like an incredible dream. Therefore, this mega-insight is called Awakening.

There are no yoga postures that lead to spiritual awakening, there are no such procedures or body cleansing. Although, no, it is not entirely true: there are some techniques that help – for example, pouring oil on the head during Panchakarma, this can give the experience of Awakening.

If once there was a spiritual awakening, going back is impossible. It cannot be forgotten. In India, both advanced yogis and Brahmanas by birth are called “twice-born.” But usually only the first is awakened for real.

Awakening is not yet Enlightenment: a constant stay in Awakening, every moment of time.
Awakening is not the end, but the beginning of the path in Yoga.

10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening Receiving Secret Messages

spiritual awakening receiving secret messages
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Sign #1: Pain in the body, especially in the neck, shoulders and back

This is the result of intense changes at the DNA level, during the awakening within the “Christ seed”. This too will pass.

Sign #2: Feelings of deep sadness for no particular reason.

You release your past (this life and everyone else) and it causes a feeling of sadness. This is similar to the feeling that we get when we leave the house where we have lived for many, many years and move to a new place.

No matter how much we want to move into a new home, there is always the sadness that we leave behind the memory, energy and experiences of the old home. This too will pass.

Sign #3: Unreasonable tears. Similar to point 2.

It is good and healthy to let the tears flow. It helps to release old energy from within. This too will pass.

Sign #4: Sudden changes in work or career.

A very common symptom. As you change, everything around you changes too. Don’t worry about finding the “perfect” job or career. It will pass.

You are in a transitional period and may change several jobs before finding one that suits your aspirations.

Sign #5: Moving away from family relationships.

You are connected to your biological family through old karma. When you break the karmic cycle, the bonds of old relationships are broken. It may seem that you are moving away from your family and friends.

This too will pass. After a while, you can build a new relationship with them, if this is what it should be. However, this relationship will be based on new energy, without karmic attachments.

Sign #6: Unusual sleep patterns.

It is likely that you will wake up many nights between 2 and 4 in the morning. There is a lot of work going on in you and this often wakes up to take a break.

Do not worry. If you can’t sleep, get up and do something instead of lying in bed worrying about earthly affairs. This too will pass.

Sign #7: Intense dreams.

These can include dreams of wars and battles, persecution, monsters, and the like. You literally release old energy from within, and these energies of the past are often symbolized in the form of wars, escape searches, and bogeymen. This too will pass.

Sign #8: Physical disorientation.

Sometimes you will feel very “ungrounded”. You will experience “spatial problems”, as if you cannot put both feet on the ground, or as if you are walking between two worlds.

While your consciousness moves into new energy, your body sometimes lags behind it. Spend more time in nature to help ground the new energy within. This too will pass.

Sign #9: Increasing self-talk.

You will find yourself talking to yourself more and more. Suddenly you will notice that you have been “chatting” with yourself for the last 30 minutes.

A new kind of communication is born inside you, and you see only the tip of the iceberg in these conversations with yourself.

These conversations will increase and they will become livelier, more coherent and more insightful. You are not going crazy, you are just moving into new energy.

Sign #10: Feeling lonely, even when surrounded by people.

You may feel lonely and detached from people. You may be tempted to avoid crowds and groups. You are following a lonely and sacred path.

Even though the feeling of loneliness makes you anxious, you find it difficult to relate to people right now. This feeling is also related to the fact that your Guides have withdrawn.

They were with you during all your travels, in all your lives. It is time for them to step back so that you can fill your space with your own Divinity. This too will pass. This emptiness inside will be filled with love and the energy of your own Christ consciousness.

What Happens After you Wake Up

what happens after you wake up
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You will return to the old thinking for a while.

Imagine a wheel rolling down a mountain and hitting an obstacle like a wall or tree. It falls and for some time continues to spin by inertia.

Don’t berate yourself for falling into a victim state. This is normal. You have held certain beliefs all your life. It is impossible to rewrite everything in a short time.

The environment in which you are located and the emotional state after the traumatic event play a large role in maintaining focus on the new paradigm.


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