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There is nothing wrong spiritual habits but if you never take the time to focus on prayer or reading the Bible, your relationship with God will be erratic and superficial. It is not too late to develop new habits.

Here are a few ways you can use to make your time with God more productive and close.

How many of you wake up in the morning with the thought, “Today I’ll get a good physical workout!”? I’m certainly not among them. But I know that we all need both physical and spiritual Habits training.

And I know this about training: you need to squeeze the maximum benefit out of every minute spent in both physical and spiritual exercises.

1. Study the Bible

We must study it personally because no one else can do it for us to strengthen our faith. So we have to do it ourselves. The Bible says: “All Scripture is inspirational and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that God will be perfect, prepared for every good work” (2 Tim. 3: 16-17).

God’s Word is the main guide to life. If you want to be ready for use by God, you must study the Word of God.

2. Read Christian books

Proverbs 19: 8 says: “If a person is at peace with himself, he will work hard to become wise. He will try to comprehend and be rewarded. ” (Modern translation) You will learn much more when you read books that will help you grow spiritual habits.

3. Write down your testimony

The Bible says in 1 Peter 3:15: “always be ready to answer those who ask you the reason for this hope that all of you have” (Modern translation). Just as no one can study the Bible for you, no one will tell you your story.

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The testimony is divided into four parts: what was your life like before you came to Christ; How did you realize that you need him? how you gave your life to Jesus and what your life is today.

4. Join the small (home), group

The Bible says: “Therefore, admonish one another and edify one another, as you do.” (1 Thess. 5:11). I don’t know what will strengthen your faith as much as regular contact with people from your homegroup. If you are not already a member of such a group, you need to find people with whom you can share your life and who will support you so that you grow in faith.

5. Set the time for your “date” with God

There is no rule about when to pray. Some people prefer the morning; others find it easier to pray in the evening hours. Personally, it’s more convenient for me to pray early in the morning before the daily pressure begins to overwhelm my time.

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Once you develop your unique spiritual habits and understand how much you will benefit from it, you will find that you simply cannot live without spending time with God.

6. Choose a special place where you will be in solitude

Jesus reminded us that solitude is the secret to effective prayer. He said: “But when you pray, enter your room and, having shut your door, pray to your Father, who is secret” ( Matthew 6: 6 ).

This does not mean that you cannot pray while you are driving on the way to work or in the forest. But you need a quiet place to focus. My favourite chair in my office is the place where I am most focused on.

7. Turn off the phone

Would you talk with friends, reply to SMS or emails when you meet with your spouse? Not unless you care about this relationship. The same principle applies when you spend time with the Lord. We need to bring back the art of focused initiation.

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I like my phone, but I thought it necessary to silence him when I spend time with God. And if you use your phone to read the electronic Bible, consider reverting to the old-fashioned print version of the scripture. The temptation to check posts or post photos on Instagram can make your time wasted and ruin your prayer life.

8. Do not put yourself under pressure

You do not need to read 50 chapters of the Bible or pray for three hours to make your spiritual habits list. Do not rush and correctly distribute the forces. Be realistic and take small steps. If you searched the Lord irregularly, start reading one chapter of the Bible per day and pray for 15 minutes. Over time, you will want more. Better to be a tortoise than a hare. The key is to be consistent.

9. Learn to chew on the Bible

One of the easiest ways to study the Bible is to read one book at a time (for example, Romans or Isaiah) and slowly chew on each verse. The biblical word “meditate” means “chew,” like a cow chewing gum again and again. The more you read the verse, the more “juices” you squeeze out of it!

10. Do not just read the Bible, but listen to the voice of God

Some people complained to me: “I just never hear God say. ” But when I ask if they read the Bible regularly, they say that they are too busy. God wants to speak directly to us through the pages of His Word.

When you read scripture with a praying heart, God can make a verse jump from a page right into your heart, like a direct personal message.

The British preacher Charles Spurgeon admitted this many years ago when he wrote: “When I had difficult times and was in trouble, I read the Bible until the text seemed to come out of the Book and greet me, saying: “I was specially written for you.”

11. Use the prayer list

Many Christians view prayer selfishly as if it exists only to satisfy their own needs and requirements. But Jesus calls us to a place of deeper sacrifice, inviting us to pray for others.

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A few years ago, I began to get used to praying for certain people that God brought into my life. Today I have a long list of family members, friends, mentors, and students for whom I pray regularly.

To pour out my heart in prayer for them became one of the spiritual habits of my life, participation in which brings me the greatest satisfaction.

12. So, regarding prayer, we should

  • Get used to prayer carefully, leisurely, with the highest attention, which will contribute to awakening in the heart of those feelings that correspond to the words of the prayer.
  • Accustom yourself to the most frequent – throughout the day – prayer.
  • Prayer, especially morning, to read a particularly important matter of the day.

13. In relation to neighbours, you should accustom yourself

  • To carefully save his peaceful state of mind, having an aversion to disputes, irritation, quarrels, reproaches, reproaches, etc.
  • To the preference, when possible, of the will of one’s neighbour, and not one’s own (in everyday affairs).
  • If possible, to fulfil all the requests of neighbours that do not contradict the conscience or interests of others, with the goal of “calming” the spirit of others.
  • To accept unanimous visitors as sent from God, showing them hospitality, hospitality and all help.

14. In relation to the word you need to accustom yourself

  • To the scarcity of words, without saying anything superfluous and unnecessary (“idle”).
  • Have an aversion to lying and condemning others.
  • The basis of all words is to have a love for others and maintain good spiritual habits in them.
  • To the frequent pronunciation of the words: “I’m sorry,” “thank you,” “please.”

15. In all matters, you need to accustom yourself

  • To check yourself before any deed – is it possible to receive the blessing of the Lord upon him, is it now entrusting me? And is not this business — that excessive “caring” of everyday life, which the Lord commanded to avoid? (Luke 21, 34.)
  • To a leisurely, thorough and timely implementation of their affairs.
  • Do not be idle.
  • Accustom yourself to the earliest possible rise from bed, immediately getting out of it.

16. With regard to food, you need to accustom yourself

  • Eat only at certain times.
  • Eat and drink by measure, not allowing yourself to be fed.
  • Take food with prayer and reverence, as a gift from God.

17. We need to study God’s Word

However, in the modern world, we are so busy that it’s sometimes difficult to take the time to even think about what we live for and in which direction we are moving, not to mention allocating a few hours a day to build a deep and sincere relationship with God.

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Therefore, more often than not, we vaguely realize that we need to develop, we need to pray, we need to discipline ourselves, we need to study God’s Word, but more often than not, everyday tasks and responsibilities leave us little time for this.

As a result, the vague feeling that you need to search for meaning in your life and understand the higher matters, on the one hand, and lack of time for this, on the other hand, gives rise, in addition to everything, to underlying guilt. We are not doing something important, we reproach ourselves for this and still do nothing.

18. To get rid of guilty feelings and dichotomy

We can either radically change something in life, or reconcile and release everything “on the brakes”, or show creativity and build several spiritual habits directly in our daily lives.

It’s easiest to lower everything “on the brakes” and go with the flow, but in this case, you don’t have to rely on any interesting result. To radically change everything in your life, you need to have great willpower and courage to go against the prevailing stereotypes.

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But in order to integrate spiritual habits into your daily life, you need to show only a little creativity.

19. Listen to the Bible and the Divine Principle

Sometimes getting yourself up out of bed 30 minutes earlier is very difficult in order to pray, meditate or honour God’s Word. However, you can always buy a good player and headphones, download the Bible, the Divine Principle, or any other scripture there and listen to it while preparing breakfast, washing dishes, washing your face or doing exercises.

To increase the efficiency of this process, it’s good to have a notebook, keep it somewhere at hand and write down your favourite quotes. This does not require much additional time, but at the same time fills life with spirituality.

20. Read God’s Word with your Family

Also, gathering in the evening with the whole family, in order to spend time with benefit, you can make it interesting for everyone. Some of the children are interested in English, read God’s Word in English and translate it.

Some of the children do not perceive anything besides fairy tales, find basic tales or books on fairy tales on the Internet and study them together with the children. Someone likes to draw, buy a children’s Bible with pictures for colouring, read the story, and then paint pictures with the child.

Conclusion: God endowed us with creative abilities, and we can use them in order to find loopholes in everyday life, and in a terribly busy schedule, to connect with the spiritual and divine and make many good spiritual habits

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Your Question Our Answer

Question 1: How can I develop my spiritual habits?

Answer: Any spiritual development begins with gratitude. Gratitude is the most direct path to grace!

Question 2: What is a spiritual person?

Answer: The whole life of a person, every moment of it, is a spiritual path. Life, with all its joys, sorrows and past experiences, is a constant opportunity for the unfolding of Love within itself. This is its sole purpose and meaning. And all the events that occur on the path of life only push a person to realize this opportunity.

Question 3: What are spiritual activities?

Answer: Spiritual activity is the activity necessary for a person’s spiritual life. Reading books, creating paintings and poems, forming religious (or atheistic!) Views, understanding the value system, nurturing other positive (as well as negative) qualities in oneself, exchanging opinions that go beyond the limits of frank life – all this refers specifically to spiritual activity.

Question 4: What does it mean to be spiritual but not religious?

Answer: When we tell other people that we consider ourselves to be spiritual people, they often mistakenly believe that we mean religion – in one form or another.
But if you carefully look at spirituality and try to understand what it is all the same, any sane person will easily understand that this is not a religion, that there is nothing mysterious, and even more so – supernatural, and that the word “sect” is least applicable to it.

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