What is a Spiritual Journey?

A spiritual journey is known as the journey after which you come back happy and stay that way forever. It is a journey to people who live upholding twenty universal human values.

What is a Spiritual Journey called?

  • When all the secrets of the universe were revealed to you.
  • When you saw, realized and accepted all twenty true universal human values.
  • When you felt something that was not available before – “your significance in our world, universal peace, joy and a permanent feeling of happiness.”

First of all, a spiritual journey is hard work in oneself, which takes place under the influence of certain places.

Such places are called “places of power”, and it is there, where people go for changes.

The main thing in a spiritual journey is your intentions and state of consciousness, depending on them, you can find exactly your place of power, focusing on your own feelings.

Spiritual Journey for Beginners

The spiritual journey of the human soul is usually limited to the lower spiritual planes.

Through meditation, one can intuitively discover and access a deeper realm of understanding.

The way of life of a person, and his conscious intention, and the development of virtues are also important here.

The purpose of the spiritual journey is to establish healthy relationships with way, Heaven and the spirit world.

Spiritual Journey Examples

A spiritual journey is like cleaning a room. Imagine that you walk into a room and see a complete mess. There are objects under your feet that you stumble over, clothes hang from the chandelier, covering your eyes, bedside tables and a bed form a mountain of furniture.

Now all this is just a mountain of rubbish. Should this rubbish be thrown away? It is much more reasonable to put everything in its place and then furniture, clothes and other objects will begin to fulfil their natural functions and be useful.

Moreover, when order reigns everywhere, you can pay attention to the space inside the room – the emptiness that objects fill. While the room is a mess, things lying out of place will constantly distract your attention to themselves.

You should not listen to those who say that such a transformation requires God, a Teacher, initiations, or many lives.”

All that is needed for the spiritual journey is yourself. The rest depends on the structure of your body-mind, which is formed during life.

Some people cannot live without God, others need the authoritative opinion of a spiritual Guru. However, all these are just ways to achieve spiritual harmony.

How do you Start a Spiritual Journey?

A spiritual journey begins when we finally not only realize, but become willing to admit to ourselves that we are not happy. This is the first step and it is a huge one.

Given the mass proliferation of external distractions that our modern world and its technology have supplied us with, it is easier than ever before to mask any unhappiness. But the time will inevitably come when the masking is simply no longer effective.

The truth finds its way to the front of the room and can no longer be ignored or pacified. That’s when the journey begins.

We need to be able to open up and talk about our journey. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all what names we give to those pointers that we pass along the way.

When we learn to speak up about our feelings and experiences without naming specific names or titles, we discover the very freedom that anonymity offers us.

Perhaps we will be shocked at how much we have in common with other people who seemed to be walking on completely different spiritual paths.

When we begin to see the things that unite us in our spiritual journeys, we come to the conclusion that our differences can actually help us, instead of creating barriers between us.

Spiritual Journey Stages

spiritual journey stages
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So if you want to know Spiritual Journey Stages, you’ll love this new guide.

Stage #1: Collision

At this stage of the spiritual journey, a person for the first time encounters information that contradicts the attitudes in society, contradicts the generally accepted, leads outside the framework of the usual worldview.

Here the choice is either not to believe, to show scepticism, and push away these contradictions, or to get interested and try to find out the details in order to better understand.

Stage #2: Cognition

At this stage spiritual journey, there is active knowledge There is an interest in different areas of knowledge, a person expands his horizons, he wants to share with others. The first difficulties in understanding begin. Disputes.

But the process of cognition is underway, and a person begins to distinguish between people by their level of development, by their level of understanding of life.

He learns that there is something else outside the material world, begins to understand that life is an opportunity for development, and not just like that, for living and walking.

And after a while, a person decides to practice, use his knowledge in order to change his life, change himself, and engage in self-development.

Stage #3: Practice

At this stage spiritual journey, the use of the acquired knowledge for practice begins. A person begins to study the movement of energies within himself, engage in meditation, energy exercises, master his chakras.

Basic exercises, everything is aimed at improving your well-being and improving your well-being. A person wants to achieve their goals using spiritual practices.

Stage #4: Choice of direction

After a series of failures in achieving the set goals, a person realizes that in his life there are also stronger factors than his own energy system and his own will.

He begins to notice periods of ups and downs on the energy plane. He understands what saving vitality is, and tries to use his time and energy as efficiently as possible.

Ultimately, he understands that he needs a choice of direction for further development, as his previous values ​​are gradually being questioned. It all ends with the old values ​​being revised, and he has to make a choice of his further direction. In connection with this choice, a new value system is chosen.

New goals are being built.

Stage #5: Refusal

At this stage of the spiritual journey, a crash occurs. All notions of what is important, what is needed and what is not, collapse. A person encounters the fact that the world is inherently illusory.

All forms are temporary, all states that can be achieved are also temporary. The directions and goals he has chosen do not give the return that he expected.

A person begins to think about the meaning of everything again. He feels that something more perfect controls his life, that not much depends on himself. That the world around is ruled by the Higher powers.

Stage #6: Independent Contemplation

Something interesting happens at this stage. After the Refusal, a person who is completely disappointed stops thinking and trusting the old ideals and values, he becomes independent and looks at everything with indifference, impartially.

Having lost dependence on ideals, a person becomes truly free and begins to love the irony of life, a combination of high and low, spirit and matter.

And the most interesting thing is that he no longer looks from the position of his personality, but somewhat wider, from the position of an outside observer.

The results of this stage can be different for people. But in general, this independent contemplation leads to a deeper understanding of the harmony of the world.

And most importantly, even if the next collapse of the planned line of events or the collapse of the next ideal occurs, the person is no longer lost but takes it for granted.

Stage #7: Full Acceptance

The next step is Full Acceptance. It is characterized by the fact that a person begins to accept everything as it is, and becomes grateful to everything that happens to him.

If earlier he was waiting for what he wanted, now he calmly perceives everything that happens, without tormenting himself with expectations and does not torment himself with disappointments.

Somewhere at this stage, it becomes clear that the main Teacher is our Life. The man now feels God around him, understands that in every event the will of man and the will of God come into contact.

The expectation of a meeting with something high is born, a person prepares himself for some kind of discovery.

Stage #8: Conscious Aspiration

There’s a flash here. Flash of consciousness. There is an understanding that God is not just somewhere nearby, but also that can be revealed.

By this stage, the person has already learned to see the sacred meaning of what is happening, he knows that he is already ready for this disclosure.

A flash of consciousness occurs and Conscious Aspiration is born. It is noteworthy that a person is not looking for any knowledge, esoteric secrets, secret techniques, he is looking for the Essence itself, the Holy Spirit of the Creator, because by this moment he really realized all its importance and power.

This stage is very energetic. The spiritual body of a person begins to grow faster than before, it collects the spiritual essence in itself, filling its consciousness with the strength of the spirit.

Stage #9: Meeting & Dedication

  • Meeting

Having filled himself with the strength of the spirit, a person becomes ready to meet the Creator. It can happen on its own, it can happen with the help of a teacher, but this moment cannot be confused with anything.

This is a meeting with the Creator. Human consciousness meets God and comes to the state of Supreme Bliss. It receives a huge energy impulse of Love, and itself begins to radiate this Love for God and the whole world.

  • Dedication

In this case, is transmitted to a person as a powerful impulse of spiritual energy, which remains in the person’s consciousness forever. Some of this impulse brings knowledge immediately, the rest is revealed gradually after this stage.

After this Initiation, a person begins to receive information directly from the Consciousness of God (This can be perceived as knowledge-sounds of the higher spheres, or as chronicles of akasha, or as prophetic dreams, but the main thing is that a person becomes receptive to information from above, he finds answers to questions already inside himself, and not outside, in order to find out something, it is enough to go to the necessary “wave”, send a request and receive an answer).

Stage #10: Merge

At this stage of the spiritual journey, Mergence with the Creator takes place. Two Consciousnesses acquire such a strong connection and constant contact that their thoughts and there will begin to coincide.

A person receives a constant energy channel coming from the consciousness of the Creator. The merger takes place at the at-monadic level, the channel of energy passes through all energy bodies.

The main and desired actions and aspirations of a person are serving the evolution of human consciousness and the endless spread of Love to the surrounding world. He becomes a vessel and conductor of Divine Love and Realizations.

Spiritual Tourism

spiritual tourism
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Spiritual tourism, which is also called “esoteric”, helps many people to start their spiritual journey.

Esoteric tours take place in many parts of our planet. India is one of the most popular esoteric tourism destinations.

Thousands of people annually go on pilgrimage tours to India and Nepal to see the teachers there and ask their advice on important life issues.

But to find inner harmony, you don’t have to travel that far. And real India is not only temples and spiritual teachers.

Spiritual Paths

the Spiritual Path is the Path of the Spirit. But since such “simplicity” does not mean anything at all, it is still necessary to describe at least a little that Dynamic Picture of the World and Life, which really exists and occurs both “inside” a spiritual being and “outside of it”.

The spiritual path and self-development are always not easy. Before embarking on the spiritual path, a person needs to think and sincerely realize that it is impossible to live in the old way.

The real Spiritual path of development (growth of the Soul) is not possible without real knowledge of oneself (one’s inner world of feelings and thoughts).

Spiritual Journey is a journey, after which, you, understood and accepted how the world really works.

The Four Spiritual Paths are Described as follows:

spiritual path
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1. Path of desire

The first task for a young human soul is to overcome the pursuit of the “four worms”: pleasure, wealth, fame and strength. These four “worms” are said to eat away at a person’s spiritual growth.

Each has its own inherited limitations and illusions, and none of them can be fully satisfied. These illusions, however, are considered necessary obstacles to the experience and development of young souls.

As the soul grows older, it will eventually overcome the charm of the Path of Desires and strive for something more complete.

2. The Path of Renunciation

What the human soul experiences is the path of renunciation. This entails avoiding any “forgiveness of sins” that interfere with the spiritual growth of a person, and the desire to learn all the lessons of the current incarnation.

3. The Path of Service

At this stage, one overcomes the delights of pleasure and success and sincerely devotes himself to the role of service. 

As a person continues to mature spiritually, he or she will eventually recognize that society is limited and that even patriotism and all forms of social as well as a social activity cannot fully satisfy the human soul.

4. Realization of Immortality

In this final stage, the human soul understands “infinite being” by experiencing and comprehending the infinite awareness and bliss that is present in his or her own essence. 

This awareness allows a person to feel and sense a connection with the divine and with all of creation.

Thus, observing yourself, you can realize which of the paths you are going now. For example, now, according to my feelings, I am moving along the path of service and heading to the 4th path of realizing immortality.


And before you start your Spiritual Journey, the most important thing is that you have to honestly know your inner world, really change the structure of your emotions, give yourself a chance to learn how to really To live is to breathe, to love, without feelings of fear.

And the most important thing is that you also have to know what spiritual habits you have to learn. Let me help you by offering you 20 spiritual habits list that will change the way you live.

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Your Question Our Answer

Question 1: How do you start a spiritual journey?

Answer: The purpose of the journey (energy pilgrimage) is to come into contact with the energy of the place, see your life perspective and open your spiritual self. – your intentions and state of mind.

Question 2: Where can I go for a spiritual journey?

Answer: India! To know the facets of the soul, you need to be alone with yourself. The further from society, the better. But we, after all, depend on society as much as possible, so it will not be possible to completely renounce. India is an ideal option.

Question 3: What is a spiritual path?

Answer: Spiritual Path meaning and goal is the perfection of man and his gradual assimilation to the Highest Divine Principle.

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