What is Spiritual Science?

What is Spiritual Science
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This Spiritual Science advances the case for re-unifying Spirituality with Science to facilitate a paradigm shift towards a more holistic 21st Century Science that aligns with humanity’s expanding consciousness

And new knowledge that has emerged from many facets of leading-edge human endeavour over the past five decades, and more.

A growing number of modern-day scientists and philosophers hold the view that science is limited in its completeness and potential application because it denies metaphysical causality and dependency, which is a paradigm for the potential unproductive research and theoretical activity in turn.

We share that view but also acknowledge the efforts of all scientists, philosophers and others alike, no matter what beliefs they hold, for endeavouring to expand scientific and human knowledge in their respective areas of interest and expertise.

We think that Spiritual Science offers potential for expanding humanity’s awareness in MASTERING the holistic application of expanded KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH, and with such a paradigm change will come an abundance of new holistic technologies, scientific advances.

And the expanded spiritual awareness and wisdom that humanity needs to create sustainable peace and harmony with each other and the environment.

Empowering these changes requires fundamental shifts in awareness, beliefs, and behaviour towards each other, and a recognition of the needs for balance, respect and harmony in how we interact with our environment.

But CONSCIOUSNESS IS SHIFTING! The time for a change in perceptions, beliefs and outdated ways of doing things is underway, and the opportunities for assisting in and creating CHANGE are immense.

Consciousness changes reality

Transformation to New Earth Consciousness is occurring because many people, Elders and young alike, are realizing that many things must change, and the changes we desire most are being empowered through our strengthening collective intent.

En-masse, there will be a tipping point effect when the collective resonant power of the desire for change overcomes that which is holding CHANGE back. This is how collective consciousness works!

You see, as our collective awareness expands, so too does the separation arising out of different beliefs and mindsets dissolve.

Separation is always only just a temporary state of POTENTIAL difference that dissipates as LOVE energy flows to harmonies all as “equal” in the LIGHT of SOURCE.

In preparation for the next cycle upon cycle of life experience. Such is the continuing cycle of consciousness evolution of civilizations and life generally.

What is True Spirituality?

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Old outdated paradigms are falling. True spirituality is progressively shining through the hearts and minds of more and more, not just a few.

Long-held views and belief systems are giving way to expanded knowledge and universal truth, and harmony and love are balancing out the negativity associated with fear judgment control and misplaced beliefs.

Many facets of everyday society, as well as leading-edge areas of research and advancement, are starting to become more True Enlightenment through the embracing of holistic methods, principles and metaphysical knowledge.

This is a GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE! Treasure it and make the most out of what LIFE can be, for your own joy and satisfaction and the greater good of all!

Blending compassion and generosity with LOVE and KINDNESS towards ALL and particularly those who are in greater need is one way that we can progressively change the world, together.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a state of expanded awareness beyond Duality Consciousness, where HARMONY prevails in one’s THOUGHTS and ACTIONS and NO SEPARATION remains between SELF and the ONENESS of All Things.

Spirituality is where HEART and MIND act in complete unison and without distortion, personified by the contemporaneous expression of WISDOM, SELF-LOVE and LOVE for All Things.

What is Spirituality Definition?

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“Spirituality is about being able to THINK with pure SPIRIT-MIND and ACT with pure SPIRIT-HEART.”

“Expressing LOVE for everyone and everything AND applying WISDOM in guiding your thoughts and actions through LIFE.”

“Connecting with your Higher SELF and living in perfect HARMONY with SELF and All Things.”

“Exercising your commitment, with love, discernment and integrity, and without judgment or fear, to be the best you can, every day, using the unique gifts you have, so that your life’s potential is maximized for the greater good of all.”

“Taking full responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and knowing that you can only change yourself, and by continually making changes for the better, you increasingly collaborate to making the world a better place for all.”

“Seeing the world through the “EYES of SOURCE” and knowing that you and All Things exist as individuated manifest aspects AND eternal interconnected un-manifest aspects of the one SOURCE through which All Things exist.

Your manifest aspect is your Higher SELF’s creation, represented in this life by the spiritual human being that you are (in body, mind and soul).

Your un-manifest aspect is your Higher SELF, your eternal evolving individuated aspect of Sources of Consciousness.”

Spirituality is NOT a chore or a task, it is about recognizing and appreciating the BEAUTY that exists within everything, and BEING a beacon for unbounded Joy, Happiness, Peace, Harmony, Purpose, Gratitude, and LOVE for All Things, no matter what.

Some Knowledge and Truth about what is Spiritual Science?

As ascribed herein, Spiritual Science is the development, study and application of holistic knowledge of immutable FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES upon which everything MANIFEST and UN-MANIFEST, throughout the entirety of the UNIVERSE functions and inter-relates.

Spiritual Science aims to unify the presently separated disciplines of SPIRITUAL and SCIENTIFIC study, research and their holistic application in addressing and solving real-world societal, sustainability and technology challenges that humanity will face during the 21st Century.

Expanded KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH cannot be KNOWN from just one of these perspectives alone.

Knowledge of the WHOLE requires a holistic understanding of the workings of the TWO complementary and reciprocal aspects, the YIN and the YANG, the physics and the metaphysics, and so on.

The ancients had this knowledge and awareness; in our un-manifest state, we each had it before we came here, and many eminent scientists, engineers and natural philosophers over the past 100 years and during the centuries before, have contributed immensely to the expanding database of current relevant human knowledge and awareness.

Spirituality and Science

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The reunification of Spirituality and Science can bring forth an expanded awareness of the detailed workings (WHEELWORKS) of the UNIVERSE and ALL THINGS, whether observable or not, physical or non-physical.

Scientific understanding of Physical REALITY will be enhanced also by the incorporation of metaphysical CAUSE, DEPENDENCIES and CONSEQUENCES

All of which are missing from present-day scientific theory and foundational postulates, and all of which are crucial in enabling the transformation of humanity to a more enlightened civilization.

Spiritual Science as ascribed herein is NOT a Science parse, at least in regard to its metaphysical aspects. It does not or indeed cannot apply “scientific method” or “direct observation” to develop and validate theory for its metaphysical aspects.

Much of metaphysics is beyond scientific observation and verifiable theory because it deals with the un-manifest, the non-physical, and knowledge derived from the ancients, personal experience, intuition, and an ability to discern TRUTH from DISTORTION.

Metaphysical Framework

A Metaphysical Framework is outlined below that underpins the principles of Spiritual Science ascribed herein. This is not the only framework that may apply, but it serves as a useful starting point, to be expanded as new insights emerge.

Summary: The CAUSE of all things can be ascribed to One Fundamental Principle: The Action of Sources of Consciousness. All things originate from expressions of consciousness (i.e., Thought, Intent) and focused energetic Action by the originator.

All things manifest (physical and spiritual) have un-manifest (metaphysical) CAUSE, DEPENDENCIES and CONSEQUENCES. The wheelworks of the UNIVERSE conform to certain fundamental principles (universal and natural laws) that have complementary metaphysical and physical context and relevance.

The significance of this is lost to mainstream aspects of human endeavour and represents a major inhibitor to our collective advancement.

Changes, in reality, no matter how large or small or in what context can be manifested by the action of consciousness, or more generally, the expression of focused intent followed by focused action that in turn activate energetic processes of manifestation.

The energy then plays its vital and ongoing role of giving form and function to the intent according to the blueprint at play for each situation.

Crucially, from humanity’s own perspective, changes in the physical may also be manifested by direct manipulation using properly engineered process and technology that correctly applies natural laws once understood in their entirety.

What is Consciousness?

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Consciousness the non-physical and does not conform to conventional scientific principles of human perceptions of physical space, time and matter. Deliberation in an otherworldly setting is important to know the genuine idea of cognizance and how it capacities.

What is Consciousness Definition?

All consciousness is metaphysical, hierarchical (even fractal), and imbued with attributes that increasingly unify and more wholly reflect Source Intelligence in hierarchical levels closest to Source.

The collective of consciousness at hierarchical levels closest to Source is the “Oneness” known as SPIRIT. In these hierarchical levels are the consciousness entities that exist as sovereign aspects of Sources of Consciousness, such as your Higher SELF, whose function is to expand Source’s idea of creation as part of the overall evolution of Consciousness Sources.

Cause, Order and Source

CAUSE: The Spiritual Science ascribed herein does not require such precepts as to how and when the Universe was created, or whether it has existed forever, or whether it exists in cycles of creation.

What matters is CAUSE, and the principles upon which all things work, both un-manifest and manifest. Un-manifest denotes the “non-physical” and represents the multidimensional realm of consciousness; un-manifest form is not normally perceivable from the physical.

Manifest denotes the “physical” and represents the possibly many and varied multidimensional realms of physical existence where the form is perceivable, but perhaps only within certain limited vibrational spectra (frequency bands) that are perceptible to life forms that inhabit them (e.g., visible light for humans).

ORDER: The Universe exudes extraordinarily intelligent and organized design, reflecting a Universal order, many say Divine Order that is beyond chance or comprehension based solely on physical observation and interpretation.

The vast beauty evidenced in the harmonies, cycles, sacred geometric forms, and resonant patterns existing in Nature and throughout the Universe constitute the presence of Higher Intelligence and metaphysical (i.e., beyond physical) origin or cause.

SOURCE: The primal metaphysical origin of that Higher Intelligence is Source, the nature of which is beyond true comprehension at the present level of collective awareness. You may choose to refer to Source and other terminology used on this website in some other way.

What are Sources of Consciousness?

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Sources of Consciousness is the projected intelligence of Source and the causality of all things. All things manifest and un-manifest have their origin or cause attributable to the action, projection or expression of Sources of Consciousness, or more generally, consciousness in one form or another. There is no aspect of consciousness that is not interconnected with Source or separate from that which is Sources of Consciousness.

Spirituality is about STANDING FREELY IN YOUR OWN POWER, BEING TRUE TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE, thinking and acting with your own SPIRIT-MIND and SPIRIT-HEART, and NOT feeling the necessity to follow the teachings of someone or something else.

DIVINE LOVE IS THE UNIFIER: All aspects of consciousness, no matter how remote from the Balance of Oneness, are imbued with the Energy Consciousness of Divine Love.

This is a primal aspect of Source Energy, the so-called Unifying Field of Energy Consciousness that nurtures consciousness evolution through unbounded experiences (un-manifest and manifest) under the action of Free Will where no limits or judgment exist, only consequences according to the principles of Divine Order and Energetic Interaction.

Everything evolves in this way, supported by the omnipresent Energy Consciousness of DIVINE LOVE that provides the link, however tenuous, back to Source, thereby establishing the interconnectedness of All Things.

Divine Order establishes blueprints for form and process; energy facilitates form and process

Consciousness has many fundamental attributes, two of which are Divine Order and Energy. Divine Order represents the multidimensional blueprints that Form may take (in the physical and non-physical), and Energy is that which facilitates the making and functioning of Form according to prescribed processes.

Each blueprint establishes the specifications of the form, its characteristics, properties and associated processes. The human form, a solar system, a galaxy, a minute organism, and a beautiful flower are examples of blueprints. The various forms and blueprints are unimaginable.

HIGHER SELF: Your HIGHER SELF is the Spiritual Being that is your true nature, your SOUL’s creator and your eternal sovereign UN-MANIFEST SELF that is a pure co-creational fragment of Sources of Consciousness and an interconnected and equal part of the ONENESS that is SPIRIT.

FREE WILL: At a SOUL level and in MANIFEST Reality, Free Will choice is a universal principle. We each have free will to choose our own path, and each choice we make has its reflected consequence. Not allowing others to exercise their free will (when expressed genuinely and not through ego) also has its consequences.

Consciousness of the Universe

A detailed awareness of what time, space, and energy usually represent is also important to properly interpret physical reality. And the functioning of the physical universe in general.

Man experiences his world and physical reality in terms of time, space, and matter. Yet CONSCIOUSNESS has no such barriers or references.

Our Spiritual Being chose to project an aspect of its “Self” to come into this life as a human being. To experience life according to our personal blueprint and the experiences we chose to have. Yet few of us know about your real multi-faceted nature of the alert, we have our ability reality to him.

As we each become more aware of our true nature and strengthen our connection with self. So also do we expand access to our multidimensional nature? And our Spiritual Being’s accumulated experiences, knowledge and creational powers.

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Conclusion: Spiritual Science may incorporate new knowledge not presently within the purview of conventional science. Such as scientific concepts outlined in our RESOURCES SECTION.

Such knowledge, when properly interpreted, evaluated and integrated (if appropriate). May contribute to a more productive view of where science needs to proceed during the 21st Century.

When key principles are uncovered that can be clearly shown to apply in both physical and metaphysical contexts. Those principles are more likely to be VALID than not as foundational principles in a workable Spiritual Science.

Holy Gautam

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