Is Vastu For Industry necessary to run the industry? That question is run in the mind of the industrialist. Every thought has two aspects, positive or negative, either we go with Vastu knowledge or avoid Vastu knowledge.

A glance at both options and its result.

When we avoid Vastu For Industry

Avoid Vastu rules for choosing land or its construction, interior arrangement for and other related stuff called Vastu dosha (the fault of premises ) Vaasthu dosh ( fault of premises )plays a significant role in occurrences of problems.

Vasthu Dosha happens for some reasons sometimes due to city plans at where native perform, sometimes ignorance of Vastu rules. sometimes willingly or unwillingly. We get a result of Vastu Dosha. Many times later or sooner. if the premises of business come under the Vastu dosha than result come in the form of below said problems.

  1. Your industry can not accede its target of production as well as sale
  2. Employs of the industry do works with stress
  3. Customer can not feel and stress-free in the premises
  4. There is a chance of firebreak out
  5. Downfall
  6. Get loss and other related problems

How Vastu works in the industrial field

How Vastu works in the industrial field
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What’s the use of Vastu knowledge in the commercial field?

Whether it’s a heavy industry or small factory, it can be a factory of motor parts or factory of terry towel or paper. Each work has its own distinct features and in industrial Vastu science the different principles and rules according to the nature of work and basic element of your product.

Which rules of Vastu For Industry you apply on furniture factory it should not apply on chemical or paper factory coz the deity of work and perform the direction is different from each other, how to coordinate the basic element of your work with its appropriate direction, placement, application and other Devin powers, so that you run your industry without any problem and abstracts and that is the main destination of Vastu Shastra as well as IVC.

Solutions of Vastu Dosha

For constructed industry

Vastu knowledge has remedial Vastu technique for constructed industries to remove all kinds of faults and shortcomings in your land or its constructions or its interior arrangements as well as the environment, for your industry offices by the recorded method of remedial Vastu.

Vastu Tips For Office

To make sure plentiful outputs, improved work efficiency and good profit in work, many people design their office according to vastu. By following Vastu Tips For Office principles for office/work place ensures that its workers will continually perform efficiently, which in turn would prove to be beneficial for the organization. There are many vastu principles that comes into consideration while designing a office, in which first is to include the most appropriate place for the office, exterior of office in terms of the slope, shape etc, directions in which different departments of the office should be situated, positioning of various electronic appliances etc. Below are some Vastu Tips For Office which comes handy to construct an office.

Here is an steps of Vastu Tips For Office:

  1. Shape of the plot for office should be rectangular or square.
  2. Height of the ceiling should be uniform throughout the building
  3. North-East or Eastern zone is auspicious to have water bodies inside an office but make sure the overhead water tank should be placed in South-West corner.
  4. Owner/Chairman’s cabin, Director’s cabin, General Manager’s cabin, Senior officers cabin should be located in South, West or South-West direction of the office.
  5. For field staff, North-West portion is auspicious as per vastu. For mid level officers/employees, North or east zones are appropriate.
  6. Accounts department should be located in South-East direction
  7. Reception should be located in North-East corner of the office and such sitting arrangement should be done that receptionist should always face North or east direction.
  8. Telephone and side-tables should be positioned in the South-West corner of the office.
  9. Always make sure that there is no obstacle in the opening of any door in the office.
  10. Such sitting arrangement should be done that employees faces preferable North or East while working.
  11. Make sure there is not employee sitting under a beam. If such an issue arises and the beam can’t be avoided, then cover the beam with a wooden board
  12. Center of the office(regarded as brahma sthan) premises should always be kept empty.
  13. All the documents/files should be stored in a safe or closet, which should be placed in South-West direction of the cabin.
  14. Owner should have a rectangular shaped table to work
  15. Pantry should be constructed in South-East or North-West direction of the office.
  16. Marketing department should be located in the North-West of the office.
  17. Bathrooms/toilets should be located in North-East or South-West direction.
  18. Ensure that your office isn’t worked close to a sanctuary, cemetery or emergency clinic.
  19. Doors and windows of the office should be in the North and East direction.

Wherever it possible without any major changes and demolition in structure, we do Vastu remedy it with its own Recorded methods. The methods applied to remove ‘Vastu doshas’ are called remedial Vastu For Industry. This remedial Vastu removes all faults of land due to construction, solution of land and interior arrangement or even due to the environment.

There is 3 kind of solution to your problem

  1. Do changes as per Vastu For Industry Knowledge according to work Report
  2. Which changes is not possible then use yantra therapy for remove that Vastu dosh
  3. Do Vastu Shanti worship either appropriately recorded Vastu Shanti worship or sankatik ( symbolic ) Vastu Shanti worship

A Glance on Yantra Therapy

Yantra Therapy
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You can also use Yantra therapy to remove Vastu dosha without any interior changes. Through the setting the Yantra in its proper direction, it will activate that particular direction and positive energy will flow from there and it will remove negative energy & it removes all type of Vastu dosha present in that direction & balance the 5 elements of nature & natural forces.

Total number of the yantra is used in this therapy is 11(eleven). 9 (nine) Yantra is for nine planets & other 2 (two) yantra to remove the negative energies or balance it & active the positive energies.

Yantra consists of 3 metal and their subordinate Gems. Yantra is shudha by the recorded method by the chant of the appropriate number of Mantra.

A glance on Vastu shanto worship:

  • Swastivachan
  • Ganpati Simran
  • Sankalp
  • Sh. Ganpati Pujan
  • Kelesh Sethapana & Pooja
  • Punehavachan
  • Abhishek
  • Shodeshmater ka Poojan
  • Vasodhera Poojan
  • Aausheya Mentrajap
  • Naandesheraad
  • Acharya aade ka varen
  • Yogne Pooja
  • Khetrapal Poojan
  • Agne Sethapen
  • Navgerha Sathpen & poojan
  • Vaastumandel devta Sethapen & poojan
  • Gerha Haven
  • Vastu Devta hom
  • Balidaan
  • Purnaahute
  • Trisutrevashten, Jaldugeddhara & Dhavej-Petaka Sethapen
  • Gartvidhi, vaastupurush-prathana
  • Dakshinasankelp & Brehamen Bhojen
  • Utter-Poojan26 Abhishek, chayapaterdaan & Viserjen

All aforesaid things is part of recorded vastu shanti pooja


If your business is not growing and you are suffering losses in trade, then check the Vastu of your shop. The cause of every loss might be hidden in its imperfect Vastu.

Follow the remedial measures of Vastu which are mentioned here, to ensure profit in your business.

  • Should always keep the North-East and Central portion of the office empty and clean.
  • Drinking water should be kept in North, East or North-East corners.
  • Keep heavy materials in South or East portion of office.
  • Temple in office should be kept in North-East direction. Idols must never face North or South.
  • Furniture, almirah, showcase should be kept in South-West direction.
  • Entrance for customers should be constructed in North or East direction.
  • Store room should be located in South-West, South or West direction of the office.
  • Switchboard, other electrical equipments should be installed in South-West portion of the office.
  • There should never be a tree, electric pole or any kind of obstacle in front of your shop

These Vastu tips are intended to draw from regular components and improve vitality levels in the workplace. The Vastu for office construction involves many more parameters, but this can be used as a yardstick for small changes.

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