What is Energy?

What is Energy
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That we state that: “The Physical Universe incorporates two contemporary communication district, which scalar movement raises complex intelligent vigorous resounding vibration design the main constituents of noticeable molecules of issue, this would go against the grain of mainstream scientific understanding and common beliefs. But the ingenious 20th Century Engineer & Scientific Theorist Dewey B Larson spent the last 50 years of his life developing this so-called Reciprocal System Theory of the Physical Universe, a theory that includes:

An observable space-time sector in the classical physical realm, where scalar motion occurs in space and the reciprocal relationship of space/time represents SPEED. Does this sound much like a PHYSICAL sector, a sector where so-called “matter” exists?

An unobservable time-space sector in cosmic and quantum realms, where scalar motion occurs in time and where the reciprocal relationship of time/space represents ENERGY. Does this sound much like a METAPHYSICAL or NON-PHYSICAL sector, a sector where so-called “non-matter” exists? Whilst Larson’s theory is difficult to grasp because his interpretations of space, time and motion are dramatically different from what we have all been taught, we believe that his efforts and the efforts of others like him (see our RESOURCES Section) have both significance and immense value in bringing forth greater understandings of the “WHEELWORKS” of Nature. Indeed, Larson’s interpretations of energy and his reciprocal system physics are definitely eye-opening.

What is Energy Definition?

In science and engineering, energy is defined as “the capacity to do work”, but we believe energy is more than this. Energy has many forms of physical expression, including biological, thermal, photonic, chemical, nuclear, electrical, mechanical, kinetic, and gravitational, etc. Each is convertible from one form to another according to certain laws of conversion and conservation.

It has been said that: Energy is in everything and everything is made of energy. Everything that has formed (metaphysical and physical) has inherent energy in its functioning and its very existence. The presence of life, motion or vibration signifies the presence of energy and energetic processes. The presence of potential energy means that the potential to do work or take form exists but requires action before energy works its magic. Whenever any change manifests, it is because energy is at work.

What is Energy Sources?

What is Energy Sources
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Energy is metaphysical, multidimensional, and a primal attribute of Sources of Consciousness, just like Divine Order. Divine Love and Divine Light are the two most primal expressions of Personal Energy Source. All things metaphysical are attributes or expressions of consciousness; attribute precedes expression yet everything is interconnected … nothing is separate. Energy is what facilitates creation, functioning and evolution of form, seemingly out of nothingness but in reality out of the expression of consciousness, according to blueprints of Divine Order and so-called metaphysical universal laws and physical natural laws.

Divine Order establishes blueprints for form and the principles or laws upon which the form evolves and functions. Energy and energetic processes are what facilitate the creation and functioning of form. Energy does not act a-priori of its own accord. Consciousness expressions of thought precede the activation of energy and energetic processes that in turn precede manifestation, and an ordered process applies as to when and how energy shows itself depending on the blueprint that is brought into play.

Whenever energy shows itself, it can be perceived as a change in form, order, structure, or process, as opposed to no form, no order, no structure, or no process. The act of expressing thought and taking action does not guarantee desired outcomes.

Before manifestation can occur, there must be energetic alignment between intent, associated energies, applicable natural laws, and the correctness, focus and intensity of action. The more focused and coherently aligned the action, the more likely is the desired outcome to be achieved. This coherence principle applies not only to correctly understanding the role of consciousness in transforming one’s physical reality but also in innovating holistic technologies to more efficiently engineer solutions that utilize or generate energy in greater harmony with the correct application of natural laws and processes.

Establishing higher “order” in energetic processes facilitates more coherent harnessing, utilization and generation of increased energy. Applying this principle is core to achieving transformational outcomes … even a quasi-RESONANCE EFFECT where, for example, the law of the “sum of squares” can be transformed into the law of the “square of the sum,” creating the perception of higher energy from nothing when in fact energy conservation laws still apply but under changed circumstances for the harnessing and extraction of increased energy based on a more holistic natural ordering process of coherent addition of energies rather than less optimum incoherent addition.

Increased coherence can bring with it increased energy efficiency and open up new pathways for accessing higher orders of energy that cannot be perceived let alone harnessed through current scientific and engineering knowledge and methods. Many current views and perceptions will need to change before progress is achieved.

Leveraging the principle of COHERENCE and understanding the true essence of ENERGY will ensure that humanity’s needs

Throughout the 21st Century and into the future are met, sustainably and efficiently and in harmony with nature.

Mind Heart Duality

Mind Heart Duality
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The mind gives us the capacity to think, reason, and store experiences and information in memory. Mind also offers the potential to access divine intelligence and knowing. But genuinely strong connections with Source Intelligence are veiled from our mind’s perception until we are ready to step into expanded self-awareness. In this veiled state, the mind is limited by distortions arising from ego, embedded beliefs, addictions, mental disorders, and other mental constructs that polarize the realities we each experience. “Ego” has the capacity to quite cleverly “con” us into believing anything it wants us to believe.

Heart resonates with and expresses Divine Love, when not under the influence of Mind. The heart is the conduit through which we can directly connect with our Soul (inner “personal Source”) and the expanding flow of Energy Source that is our Spiritual Being’s accumulated expansiveness.

When we connect through Heart to our expanding flow of personal Energy Source, we centre our self in Divine Love, raise our vibration, and experience realities that are uplifting and empowering.

Our mind follows heart (not the other way round), and the two can now work in unison. In this way, we progressively raise our vibration. Our flow of Energy Source gathers more spiritual power. We attract into our life more and more things we love and desire most. And others within our “sphere” progressively benefit and learn through our presence and example.

A Consciousness Shift is in Progress

Open your eyes and look around. You will see that big changes occurring all over the planet, to Earth itself and through all walks of life. Layers upon layers of energetic systems and vibrational paradigms from the past are being shed, like peels off an onion, to allow the planet and humanity to move forward. Human consciousness is at the crossroads and it is changing. A Consciousness SHIFT is in progress! Some feel it, some know it, and many have little awareness or don’t really care. And that’s OK!!

Our collective purpose as Earth Beings right now is to let go all resistance, get into the flow of our own Energy Source, awaken to who we really are, and manifest the experiences we came here to create, through the knowledge and skills that we brought with us or acquired along the way.

When aligned with Energy Source, we have the ability to create whatever we truly desire, we pass no judgment, we see everyone and everything from a harmonious perspective, we allow others to exercise their own Free Will choices, and, as an act of unconditional love for our fellow humans, we lend support to those in need. We also understand that all of Creation is unbounded in its possibilities, whether supportive of the enrichment of life or not.

We truly see the world from “the eyes of Source”. With expanded vision, we perceive everything in a vastly different light. Polarities we use to interpret (good vs. bad, positive vs. negative, love vs. hate, peace vs. war) no longer have relevance. We see all situations as necessary experiences from which everyone learns in evolving to more expansive levels of consciousness and awareness of Universal Knowledge and Truth, without distortion.

Understanding Reality and How to Transform it

Divine Order and Consciousness
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All things manifest in the physical realm are fundamentally complex matrices of unimaginable energetic resonant vibrational patterns. All things are interconnected in seen and unseen ways with their surrounds and everything else through energetic fields and processes that have metaphysical cause and dependencies. We live in a Universe of motion, and the primal vibration of Energy Consciousness is what manifests life and reality in accordance with metaphysical principles of Divine Order and Consciousness.

Individuated consciousness manifests individuated (personal) reality, and through the process of RESONANCE, collective consciousness manifests collective realities. Everything we each think, speak, feel and do are expressions of consciousness and manifest an associated energetic consequence (reflected reality) and energetic resistance (the extent of disharmony).

Humans perceive and interpret differing complex arrays of vibration as “material things” and give them names like matter, substance, elements, particles of different types, and so on, according to the observed physical properties. There is a growing scientific perception that atoms and sub-atomic particles of matter are not physical particles at all; they are replicable patterns of locked vibration made up of space-resonant quantum scalar waves, acting under the controlling influence of higher-order energy fields that contain specific Source Codes unique to each so-called particle.

By understanding how consciousness and energy to manifest reality, we learn what distorts our perceptions. We learn how to overcome these barriers and are able to shift to an expanded, harmonious, creative and collaborative existence, where love rules and judgment or suffering have no place other than to remind us of our past.

Free Will, harmony and the principles of metaphysical vibration affect the reality we each experience. All of life’s experiences are actually what we have chosen. We each create our own reality according to our unique blueprint; the experiences our Higher Self chose to have in this life; consequences of past actions, and things we energetically attract into our life through thoughts and actions.

Two metaphysical vibrational principles that always apply, are:

LIKE attracts LIKE (i.e., LIFE reflects what we project, or we reap what we sow). OPPOSITES don’t repel, they merge to create their unified whole, which balances out the energetic effects they each have when separated.

To have a reality that manifests more of what we are experiencing, we keep putting out the energy of that which we are experiencing and desire. To change our reality, we change our attitude and behaviour and project the energy of the changing experience we strongly desire. We energies our new reality and progressively come to realize that our life is what we desire it to be and we are masters of our own reality.

To void a disharmony, we must energetically express its opposite and act and live in the belief that the disharmony is no longer there as our thoughts and behaviour have changed to void its effect. This sets in the process an energetic effect of balancing the disharmony with its opposite energy, that which we are now actively projecting and therefore, in time, will continue to experience. Skilled energy workers can facilitate the rapid energetic clearing of such disharmonies.

These principles are universal, non-judgmental, and absolute. They are truly fundamental principles. They apply at consciousness and energetic level, and in the physical, once the critical threshold of manifestation is reached. When you understand what these principles mean and how to apply them in every situation, you have a POWERFUL TOOL that can transform your life.

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