There is no doubt that tea is good for health. But it can be much more than that. Learn about the benefits of each Wonderful Tea ingredient and how good it can be to combine them.

Wonderful Tea
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Surely you have heard about the fabulous benefits that tea has for our health.

But you may not know them in detail. The ease of opening a bottle and drinking tea without having to prepare it has made us feel more and more that this is what it means to drink tea.

Natural Tea

What you may not know is that bottled tea is not as healthy as natural tea, since it loses a large number of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that improves cardiovascular health and decreases tumor growth, cholesterol, ageing, Urine infections and much more.

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Also, natural tea not only has numerous health benefits but also for physical beauty. Of course, tea is the second most expended refreshment on the planet after water.

The interesting thing is that there are different types of Wonderful Teas, and each one serves to improve a body part.

Tea has extraordinary healing qualities that the Chinese already knew 3,000 years ago.

Asti Alexandria is an Ayurveda practitioner who lived in Asia and watched her classmates’ behavior for long periods.

They ate junk food day after day but never gained weight. He watched the teas they drank, one in the morning and once at night. Asti was struggling with the problem of being overweight but trying this method lost 40 pounds in a few months.

That’s why he decided to create the Physique Tea line of natural tea. Because tea comes from China, Asti uses internal Chinese herbalists.

Types of Tea

Types of Wonderful Tea
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There are four Types of Tea most widespread in the world:

  1. Black Tea
  2. Green Tea
  3. Red Tea
  4. White Tea

Each ingredient involved in making Wonderful Tea benefits whole part of the body. For example:

It is important to understand what each ingredient of tea can do for you. It is also essential to learn to combine these properties to obtain the greatest possible number of benefits.

And if it’s about being healthy and looking your best, the ideal is to achieve a State of Health that encompasses your well-being in every way. The power of invigorating exercise is undoubted.

Sage Tea

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Sage tea is well known for throat cleaning remedy while its other useful properties, due to the intense flavor, fall under the shadow of mint and chamomile.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) has long been known as a very useful plant against snake bites, female infertility and tonic to “chase away evil spirits”.

This plant is typical of the Mediterranean and it can be found in Italian cuisine and beyond.

Since ancient times, the sage was synonymous with wise men, and today this plant is known as “tonic for the brain”. For students who are preparing exams, wise decision would be to drink sage tea to increase the chances for a good grade.

This tea is not prepared in the traditional manner. This is due to the strong essential oils and it is recommended that the tea boils for three minutes and let it rest for another five minutes.

We recommend not to add sugar and to give tea a chance to conquer you with its taste and flavor before it sweeten.

Sage is used in cooking, as a spice it goes well with red meat and other foods with stronger taste.

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Sage tea is lighter shades of honey with a characteristic ethereal aroma reminiscent of mint and eucalyptus. You may not like this tea at first glance because of its mild bitterness, but after a few mouthfuls you will be accustomed and embrace its freshness.

In addition to these benefits of this plant it is also very useful as tincture at night sweating, as tea made only from flower parts at stomach problems and nervous distress.

Why Should You Drink Tea? Something You Didn’t Know!

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There are several reasons why it is healthy to drink tea. Antioxidants found in tea keep your body from aging and purify the body. This healthy drink has a calming effect and relaxes after a hard day.

Tea has almost 3 times less caffeine than coffee. One cup of coffee contains about 135 mg of caffeine while tea contains about 30 to 40 mg of caffeine. If coffee causes headache, shaking feeling in your body or insomnia, switch to this healthier option – drink tea.

Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke

The five-year study in Holland showed that the risk of fatal heart attack was reduced by 70 % in people who drank 2-3 cups of black tea a day, unlike the group who don’t drink it at all.

Protects the bones

A study found that compared with those who did not drink tea, people who regularly consume it had stronger bones even in older age, with weight gain or other risk factors. The study suggested that this may be due to the many benefits of phito-chemicals contained in tea.

Protects your teeth

Contains fluoride that helps your teeth. Problem is the sugar we add which is the biggest enemy.

Strengthens the immune system

May help the immune system to fight infections. When 21 volunteers were assigned to drink more cups of tea or coffee every day for 4 weeks, the researchers saw the greater immunological activity in those who drank tea than those who drank coffee.

Can You Believe That Drinking Spearmint Tea Can Reduce Acne?

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We all know how acne and their appearance can be a lot troubling and they always come in and break out in the worst time.

We have all tried the face masks, all the home made remedies in order to reduce acne as soon as possible and get it over with. Some of us have even tried a medical spot treatment. And for some these treatments work, yet for others they don’t.

Lately, there are these rumors that enjoying a cup of spearmint tea can actually be really beneficial when it comes to both your skin and acne.

Be aware that these talks are not just rumors because hundreds of people are praising the amazing results and benefits this Wonderful Tea has on the Internet.

They swear that the tea has the power to reduce acne and even help you get rid of it once and for all. After hearing this, you will try this method also.

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You need to consume one cup of spearmint tea every morning for a period of one month. You will be astonished by the amazing results and effects.

Some tests were made on this tea in order for people to understand how it works and helps in the process of reducing acne.

It seems that this tea helps you go through your hormone breakouts easier than you normally do.

And because of that you experience less acne and skin problems then you normally do when in a hormonal breakout. How amazing is this?

However, because of this particular reason, spearmint tea may not be as helpful to men as it is for women.

If you are still skeptical, then you should probably try it on your own and be amazed by the results.

Yet it is important for you not to be disappointed if this is not the way you will reduce acne, because everyone is different and every skin has different issue. On the other hand, you have nothing to lose, so good luck!

Conclusion: A Tea is a great option to keep body, mind, and soul in harmony and overflowing with health is yoga.

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